Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brussels Photos

Here are some photos from my Brussels trip.

The buildings in the old town square were beautiful.

The famous statue of a peeing boy.

And his chocolate replicas!

Chocolate stores were literally everywhere.

But what I couldn't get enough of were the macaroons!

Giant macaroons!

I was surprised to find the new Twilight makeup line at a small beauty boutique, Cosmeticary, next to Marriott Hotel. Some of the lipglosses looked nice but the prices of the line on the whole were just too pricey. The makeup palettes were €28, lipglosses were €20 , staining balm was €18, mascaras were €22 and the Lip Venom was €18. The palettes are super tiny at just slightly larger than credit card size.

Dropped by the Lush store as well but the prices were just too expensive. Anyway, I already have a truckload of Lush courtesy of my boyfriend!

The popularity of Hello Kitty knows no bounds. In Brussels, I found it in department stores, toy stores and even the H&M stores carried a line of Hello Kitty accessories, makeup and nightwear.

I didn't buy much as all the shops were selling winter clothing. Came across a Rituals store with the Foaming Shower Gel Sensations at €3.90, instead of the usual €7.80 so I picked up Zensation (rice milk & cherry blossom), Fujiyama (Mandarin & Mint), Sunrise (Sweet orange & cedar), Sereni-tea (green tea & cherry blossom) and Hammam Delight (eucalyptus & rosemary). These produce a lovely thick foam.

There were 4 H&M stores on the main shopping street alone. Didn't care much for the clothes but I picked up these two roomy velvet purses for just €5.95 each plus 10 hair ties (€1.95). Also got the new Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Air Whipped Foundation for €11.60 at the airport duty-free. I was tempted to get the Maybelline Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara but it was quite pricey at €15 and the reviews on MakeupAlley were terribly negative so decided it was probably not worth the money.

And I got a cardigan (€12) and top (€25) at New Look.


melissa said...

hey i got that maybelline foundation too! at uk. it cost me around $12. how do you find it?

Haru said...

Hi melissa,
I haven't worn it yet but I was quite impressed by how nice it felt when I tested it at the store. It's quite lightweight and sheer, looks natural but it does not feel greasy which is what's important to me.

bluebubble said...

aww i'm really jealous, i've always wanted to go to belgium, i love the design aesthetics that come out of there! -stella

CedriCeCCentriC said...

I'm from Brussels and I visit your blog every day!

cewek said...

Hello Kitty is HUGE is France also, we've travelling through France for the past 10 days (currently we're in Paris) and HK is everywhere!

pinky said...

do you travel often, Haru? belgium is really majestic,to go on a work trip is such envy! :))

which countries have u been? can post more picture too? thanks..

Haru said...

Hi stella,

I hope you get to visit Belgium some day, it's a beautiful country!

Hi CedriCeCCentriC,
I was very happy to have been able to spend some time in your lovely country! The people I met were all very friendly :-)

Hey meta,
great to hear from you! Hope you are having a wonderful time! The Hello Kitty madness is truly global ;-p

Haru said...

Hi Pinky,
I travel about 3-4 times a year, usually either for work or to Delhi to visit my boyfriend as he is working there. Don't have any other trips planned for now but I'll post pics if I travel again in the future!

Jamilla Camel said...

What fun!! I went to Brussels on a busines trip this summer, and the clients were kind enough to give us a walking tour, similar to your little tour!

Thanks for the piccies..gotta love the chocolates!