Friday, 27 November 2009

Esprique Precious Website Update

The Esprique Precious website has been updated with the new Spring 2010 collection. I like the look of the new Symphonic Fit Eyes (3675yen) which feature interesting shade combinations that are a refreshing departure from the gradational shades that Japanese drugstore brands tend to put out season after season. Esprique Precious describes these as "Mod Up Colors".

The eyeshadows are formulated with "Super Shiny Pearl" (for enhanced shimmer) and "Glossy Stay Oil" in a "Syncho-Fit" method in which the pearl and color pigment powder particles are uniformly coated with an oil to make them soft and silky to touch. Each palette contains a highlight color (marked as "A" in the diagram below), a "mode up color" (B), a "shiny on color" (C), a "dark glow color" (D) and a "fit up base" (white strip below the four color shades).

The website recommends the following steps for applying the eyeshadows:
1. Apply the fit up base all over the lid either with your finger or the white sponge tip applicator.

2. Blend the highlight color with the large black sponge tip applicator on the inner corners.

3. Blend the shiny on color with the large black applicator in the crease to the outer corners and the outer half of the lower lid.

4. Apply the dark glow color on the outer half of the upper and lower lids with the small black applicator.

5. Use either your finger or the large black applicator to apply the mode up color from the centre of the lid to just under the outer half of the brow.

Check out the four makeup themes here.

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Kathi said...

I´ll definitely get couple of the palettes! I think they look very promising! But I always have to lol at all the technology described to produce the shadows =D