Thursday, 5 November 2009

I Nuovi Mystery Shopper

I Nuovi is running a Mystery Shopper promotion. The response has been very good, so if you're interested in signing up, just follow the instructions in the flyer below. (Tip: Save the pic on your computer and then click enlarge to read the instructions.)


Nibo said...

Hey Haru,
I remember you once posted the Chanel Fall collection i saw the picture of "Bird of paradise" and it's really so ooh-i-must-have! any intention to get one? :) i do have..thanks to you, hahah! but it's good to pamper ourselves once a while la..just wanna seek your opinion/advice on this palette on its color payoff/pigmentation before i buy..thanks babe!!


Haru said...

Hey Nibo,
I've kind of lost interest in Chanel as the previous eyeshadow quads I got from them were just average and I hardly reach for them. The Bird of Paradise quad is an unusual combination for Chanel. I haven't tried it at the counter yet but has a detailed review up with pics and swatches. She liked it so do check out her blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, totally random but I think Bird of Paradise is really worth getting. I actually already bought it, it's really pricey but I think the colours are very unique. =)

Nibo said...

Hello Haru

thanks. and sorry for chipping in a new topic here but ..thanks for replying!

DouglasStaffort said...

Hi Haru,
Nice post! I joined mystery shopping and had lot of fun and learnt many things about mystery shopping.
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