Sunday, 8 November 2009

Esprique Precious Spring 2010

Esprique Precious will release its Spring 2010 collection on 1 December in Japan. (Amazing to think that's just a few weeks away!) The collection includes:

1. Chiffonique Fit Eyes: 4 palettes that each contain five eye colors. Unfragranced. (3675yen)

2. Dress On Moist Rouge: 2 limited edition shades in OR211 (bright orange) and RD412 (brownish red) (3150yen)

3. Dress On Glossy Rouge: 2 limited edition shades in PU180 (pearl purple) and PK884 (pink with gold pearl) (2625yen)


Popcorn said...

That palette looks soo gorgeous!!! I want it! hehe

Kathi said...

I am so looking forward to the Esprique palettes! Esprique makes really good quality shadows!

Tamtam said...

oooh I love the palette colors... and the name.. Chiffonique !!