Friday, 13 November 2009

Paul & Joe Wild Flowers

Found a couple more pics of the Paul & Joe spring collection on Story magazine's website. Aside from the Eye & Face Colors, the limited edition "Wild Flowers" collection to be released in January will also include three Gloss Lacquers.


Anonymous said...

when i was i nyc a few days ago, lady at paul&joe counter in bergdorf goodman told me something about LE alice in wonderland......=DD anyways, cant wait!! i really need to get my hands on these lip lacquers

Anonymous said...

do u know if the christmas chanel brush set is out at the local counters? or is it avail in jpn only?

Haru said...

Hi relaxbear,
You can see the Alice in Wonderland collection on British Beauty Blogger.

I haven't seen any brush sets being sold at the Chanel counters in Singapore but best to check with the counter directly if they are bringing it in.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing those infos, really appreciate.

p/s: do u have any recommend make up school in singapore?


evie said...

ooh very pretttyyy!! will definitely head on down to the nearest store when they come out!

Flowers said...

Just gone through your blog Paul & Joe Wild Flowers. It looks impressive and your products seems to be great. Would love to rush to the nearest store and buy from your products range.

Haru said...

Hi Flowers,
I'm not in any way associated with Paul & Joe. I'm just a shopaholic who buys a lot of makeup! Paul & Joe is one of my favourite brands. Hope you get the chance to check it out some day!

Hi Vy,
Sorry, I'm not familiar with the makeup schools in Singapore. You should ask Mag over at as she has experience with them.

Hi evie,
I'm very excited about the collection, definitely will be checking the counters frequently for its launch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
Thanks so much =)