Saturday, 21 November 2009

YSL Mook

As some of you may know, a YSL mook (Japanese lingo for "magazine book") was published in October by Takarajima, which also publishes many popular Japanese magazines like Sweet, Spring, Steady, InRed. The trademark feature of these magazines is that every issue includes an item done in collaboration with a fashion/beauty/character brand, such as makeup pouches, pocket mirrors, hair accessories. The mooks are usually feature one brand and always include an accesory item as well, with tote bags being the most common.

The YSL mook is very affordable at only 1300yen (about US$13)and includes a black tote bag with a fuchsia pink interior (measuring H33×W44.5×D12cm). It focuses on the YSL beauty brand history and latest news. It has an initial production quantity of 1 million, so like the Marc by Marc Jacobs mook bag, it is by no means rare or hard to find and you are likely to see many people carrying it. Nevertheless, these mooks have proven to be incredibly popular. The Cher Autumn/Winter '09 mook had a production run of 700,000 and sold out in just one month.

Personally, I'd love to see more mooks from my favourite brands such as Paul & Joe, Rebecca Taylor and Jill Stuart!


Anonymous said...

i didn't know what's a mook till i read this. so stupid huh? i wish we had some mook here. Chanel or Dior? :P

FriendzCentury said...

I managed to get my hands on a copy, but for some reason it was a touch more expensive in HK.

cewek said...

Hi Jojoba!

Meta here (labelslut on MUA) try Kinokuniya at KLCC, they'd normally stock Japanese magazines there and they'd probably have mooks there also!


evie said...

ooh is it sold here??

kenji_sugizo said...

Nice getting the Marc Jacobs Sweet next month?

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

I saw! For YSL lover, it's really worth buying!!

Cherry said...

hi, may i know will it be selling in spore? thanks! :)

Haru said...

Hi Cherry,
The YSL mook is available at Kinokuniya. Just call them to ask them if they still have copies available. They sell it at the Japanese book counter in Ngee Ann City instead of displaying it on the usual Japanese magazine racks.

Hi evie,
The YSL mook has been available at Kino since a few weeks ago.

hi Kenji,
will check out the Sweet next month before deciding!

Cherry said...

hi, may i know what is e material of e bag? is it like e marc by marc jacobs one? thanks!

Haru said...

Hi Cherry,
The YSL bag looks like it is made of quite thick cloth. It looks thicker than the material of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, but the Marc bag is larger in size.