Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Steady x HbG

The December issue of Steady (S$16.70) arrived at Kinokuniya today. While I was at the Ngee Ann City store to pick up the mag at 2pm (the time of release for this and Sweet), the staff at the Japanese book counter were busy taking phone reservations for both Steady and Sweet. Many were reserving both mags together. Sweet comes with a couple of Kitson zip pouches but I have no interest in Kitson.

To be honest, I had never heard of the brand HamburGirl but the three HbG zip pouches that were included in this issue of Steady looked pretty cute. A heart-shaped metal ring clip is also included for holding the 3 pouches together. The pouches are made of polyester and are of good quality, not too thin or flimsy.

The magazine suggests using the smallest pouch for cards, the medium one for digicam or iPod and the largest one as a cosmetics case.

The mag also includes an A4 sized sheet of Coach Poppy stickers. I'm not a Coach fan but the Poppy characters are cute!

Also picked up the new issue of Female Brides (S$7) which comes with a Keratase Oleo-Relax Slim Volume Control Intense Smoothing Cream 20ml and Masque 30ml set which is exclusive to Kinokuniya.


kenji_sugizo said...

Always Good to see your reviews on the GWPs.....

blue petal said...

Hi Rouge deluxe,
i often read your adventure haul on magazine, that's such a little wonder hobby of yours :) esp with freebie, who doesn't not love? hehe.

i saw the Steady magazine in Kino before but alamak, i didn't buy despite the freebie, hearing all good the quality the trio pouch is?

and what's more i don't know what Steady magazine is all about? is this Steady magazine about beauty or fashion or more for youngster too?


Haru said...

Steady is mainly a fashion magazine for ladies in their 20s. You can check out the magazine website

There are one or two beauty articles in each issue but most of the mag is about clothes and accessories.

blue petal said...

Thanks for the preview :)

Ab Heart said...

Remember me i am the one who ask you abt the price for the agnes b charm :) I jus wanna check with u... did u wrote a review on a hair brush?? I tot i read it from ur blog but i couldn't find it. If I am not wrong the brand is Helen (bristle hair brush). Seek for your advise...
Have a nice evening :)

Haru said...

hi Ab Heart,
Sorry, I've never reviewed hair brushes on my blog before so you must have read about it on another blog.

Ab Heart said...

Hi Haru,
Thank you so much for your fast reply :)
Take Care