Monday, 23 November 2009

Esprique Precious & Guerlain Haul

I picked up the Esprique Precious Illuminate Fantasy Collection today at the Kose counter in Isetan Scotts and also collected the Guerlain Perles Imperiales (S$79) which I had pre-ordered earlier.

The Esprique Precious set is a good deal as you get 4 products for just S$48.

The rhinestones on the opening clasp are a cute touch!

The Face Color contains 3 blush shades and a highlighter shade that you can mix as you desire. These apply sheer at first and can be built up for the desired intensity.

A plastic tray separates the face brush from the surface of the Face Color. The mirror under the lid makes this convenient for touch-ups on the go. The Face Brush feels nicely dense and soft.

The Glamorous Glossy Eyes WT01 applies as a sparkly snowy white and can be used either on its own or as a base for powder eyeshadows. The Dress On Glossy Rouge PK883 is shimmery candy pink while the Nail Color N PK816 is a pearly peachy pink.

I've been lemming the new Guerlain Meteorites ever since pics of it first surfaced online a couple of months ago. Guerlain releases only one or two new limited edition Meteorites each year so collecting these is a very slow and arduous process.

The glitter bits on the side have a tendency to flake off but overall, the packaging still looks more glamorous than the usual Meteorites packaging.

The mix of shades (pink, lilac, golden white, beige) is natural enough that these can be dusted all over the face for a gentle glow. What I like about the Meteorites is that no matter how much you layer on, the finished effect is never too over-the-top. Instead, it gives your skin that polished, air-brushed look. These are pricey but they take practically forever to use up.

Most of the small pink balls had fallen to the bottom of the tub while the larger white and beige balls remained on top.


engeng said...

I got my Esprique Precious set from Takashimaya today :D
The blusher and the case make the $48 worthy. Yet to test the color of the blusher though.

Luna said...

I got these 2 items recently too! I completely agree with you about the Meteorites! You can't go wrong with them =)

Sapphire said...

Woah, nice haul! I'm so tempted by the Guerlain météorite!!

birkinbagbeauty said...

wow, The esprique set looks like a true must-have. Thanks for these detailed pictures.

♥sormui♥ said...

I got the meteorites too! and I LUV IT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I used Clinique Supermoisture Foundation that contains some mica that actually brightens up my complexion. If I were to use a highlighter on top of my foundation e.g. Guerlain Meteorites, will my face look too bright?

Haru said...

I think it should be fine to use Guerlain Meteorites on top of your Clinique foundation as the Meteorites do not add any shine, only a very soft glow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. I will check out some highlighters should the Guerlain Meteorites be sold out.

Nobi said...

Hi Rouge,
The new Guerlain Meteorites which you purchased, does it come in only 1 shade/color variation only?
So you used it as highlighter after your finishing loose powder or pressed powder?

thank you

Haru said...

The Meteorites that I purchased is a limited edition shade that is part of the holiday collection. There is only one shade of Meteorites in the holiday collection but in the regular line-up, there are 3 shades of Meteorites (Beige Chic, Mythic and one more) that are available year-round. Guerlain usually releases a limited edition shade as part of the holiday collection.

I usually use the Meteorites on top of my foundation (both liquid and powder) and skip the loose powder.

Anonymous said...

hi haru, can you do a swatch on the esprique precious blush palette? thank you so much

Haru said...

Sizbelle, a Singaporean beauty blogger, has posted swatches on her blog. Do check it out!

Haru said...

Also, you can check out Yumeko's swatches on her excellent blog