Sunday, 15 November 2009

Gransenbon Mix Blush

Spotted this new Gransenbon Mix Blush (2310yen) on the Plaza Style website. It is available in 3 combinations) (#1 French Rose, #2 Peach Apricot and #3 Caramel Latte) and comes with a brush and mirror under the lid. The cover looks amateurishly designed though, giving it a cheap feel.


Kathi said...

I agree about the case! And again, they write "Mix Brush" instead of "blush"... I know that the Japanese sometime mix those 2 letters up but I think when it´s about printing a name on my product I would double and triple check that it´s correct lol

Anonymous said...

this time around the blusher seem expensive than the last one...hmm, maybe because of the different mixed color and yes, it does look cheap on the outside, i still prefer the old packaging of the older blush. It's 1890 yen if i'm not wrong for the gransenbon blush.

j0s1e267 said...

I wonder if these blushes are as pigmented as the old ones ... esp French Rose.