Friday, 6 November 2009

Metro sale haul

I know I said the Dior holiday quints were a pass for me and I tried to put them out of my head. But something about the Iridescent quints just makes me get a bad case of what my buddy, the Muse, calls the "dreaded Pokemon disease": you just gotta have them all. I could blame that, or the bright counter lights that make them look so darn appealing. But the biggest reason is actually Metro's 20% storewide sale taking place this week. For most beauty brands like Dior, Chanel, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Biotherm, SKII, there is no direct discount but Metro will issue you a credit voucher equivalent to 20% of your purchase. That's pretty much the best deal among all department stores in Singapore for buying directly from the beauty counters and the closest that Singapore has to Sephora's annual Friends & Family 20% off sale.

The Dior palettes are S$89 each so you can get a $17.80 credit for each palette, which makes them much more affordable and just a few dollars more than a MAC palette. The Iridescent #169 Purple Crystal looks more suitable for spring given the mix of pale pearly pastels. Looks like it may be an Asian exclusive as it's not available on whereas #89 Smoky Crystal is on (or maybe it is exclusive to a US department store, as is sometimes the case). And indeed, Purple Crystal is likely to appeal to more Asian ladies who tend to favour light makeup rather than the dark dramatic shades of Smoky Crystal.

The problem with such pale sherbet shades is that they look so pretty in the pan but when applied, the differences between the shades is too subtle to be readily visible. But hopefully with a good primer, these won't be a total washout.

Smoky Crystal has been getting good reviews on MakeupAlley. I deliberated over this for quite awhile as I was worried the shades would look muddy on me but figured I can always mix it with other palettes if necessary.

At first, I intended only to get Smoky Crystal and Purple Crystal but then the SA said that if I got one more palette, I would be entitled to the GWP. Of course I didn't really need the GWP since I already have loads of skincare samples but I fell for it anyway. I was surprised to find the #173 Night Butterfly palette (from the fall collection and not an Iridescent quad) still available so I ended up getting it as well. Figured I might as well make my collection of limited edition purple-themed Dior palettes as complete as possible!

The GWP was a DiorSnow Visible Whitening Essence Sheet Mask, Capture Totale Eye Treatment 2mlx2, Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Concentrate, 2ml, Multi-Perfection Refining Base 3ml, High Definition Serum Foundation #20 Light Beige 3ml.

I used part of my credit voucher for the Kenzoki Fresh Lotus Water Spray (S$44 before discount, 125ml). Kenzo is one of the few beauty brands that gives a direct discount during Metro's 20% sales.


Karen said...

hi haru,

do u know other than kenzo, what r the other brands that also offers the direct 20% discount?

Sabrina said...

Oooh pretty! I'm drooling over your haul even though I have 2 of the quints :P Your review made me feel better about the US not getting the pastel quint for holiday. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!

Unknown said...

Ooh lovely Dior purchase!! I know how you feel about the 'pokemon' disease.. I have it too LOL
I can't wait to see these eyeshadows on your eyes!

Haru said...

Hi Karen,

The other brands with direct 20% discount at the Metro sale are Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy, Dr Murad, Lancaster.

Whitepiano555 said...

OMG!! I love all shade you choose, soo pretty ^__^

Karen said...

Hi Haru,

Thanks for the heads up! ;)
when u say givenchy, do u mean the makeup or just the fragrance?

Haru said...

Hi Karen,

The list is from Cozycot, so I'm not sure if it's referring to makeup or fragrance. I don't recall there being a Givenchy makeup counter at Metro Paragon.

fanilee said...

Hey Haru and Karen,

There is a Givenchy makeup counter at Metro Paragon, selling skincare, parfum and makeup. Direct 20% discount. =)

Anonymous said...

Would you please do a eotd with smoky crystal??