Friday, 6 November 2009

Majolica Majorca Mademoiselle Midnight

Majolica Majorca usually puts out some of the most interesting and quirky ad visuals for its 4 seasonal collections each year but this ad visual for the upcoming Mademoiselle Midnight holiday collection hits a new low. The model looks a bit trashy and the bob is just plain unflattering, not at all fitting with the supposed mysterious and sexy theme of this collection.


Anonymous said...

oh the palettes look rather interesting. the MM displays here mostly look boring and yucky. i hope we are getting these!

Connie De Alwis said...

LOL at the model. ooh... wonder what's that secret lingerie thingy?

Haru said...

Secret Lingerie is a scented body cream with pearl shimmer. The scent is berry, jasmine and freesia.

Jenni said...

OOH i probably wont get their LE palettes, they're underwhelming, the model is ...duh!

Secret Lingerie looks nice and I'll probably get two of those!!

MeiMei said...

Hi Haru

MM midnight range does look exotic however i think the usage is not practical. very whimsical and marketing gimmick. :p

Sorry to chip in another talk here as there is no related post on this so tag on the latest post here

I am in a mix of this Elizabeth collection set, at $99 it's a steal with so many colors and makeup. however i have not used any of their product and is not sure if the set is worth it based on quality. do you think the color is good or to your liking?

will you buy this, Haru?

Please share your thoughts..because it looks really worth it though really not sure if worth the buy


Haru said...

Hi MeiMei,
I'm not a fan of Elizabeth Arden makeup in general as they are geared towards a more mature demographic so the shades are usually tend towards classic neutrals whereas I prefer more colorful and vibrant colors. The set is a good value if you don't already own a lot of makeup and you are looking for a set that will equip you with almost all you need for a complete look. The shades look quite work-friendly as well. I would say the Estee Lauder makeup blockbuster set ($109) has a more appealing combination of shades for a similar price but that requires a minimum purchase of $100. The brushes in these sets are usually of inferior quality although everything else is usually of good quality. I'd recommend that you visit the counters and check these out in person as they may seem like a worthwhile deal at first, but nothing beats seeing it in real life to see if the shades actually appeal to you.

MeiMei said...

Hey Haru
thanks, babe. ya, you are right, for beauty junkie like us who buy makeup from various brand need not a "starter" kit like EA since it's bit and pieces of everything we have already, what's more you are right to say it's too classic neutral while youngster and chio bu (hehehe) like us definitely prefer a much vivid, bright and showy color. in the end, we chuck it aside despite it seems very worth buying. i think it's more for auntie hehe

i think this is the one you are referring to on Estee Lauder blockbuster set, i googled for the image:

Anonymous said...

is that a face powder? for the day or one of those night time powder?

and you're right, the visual is awful

Haru said...


It is a pressed powder with white and silver pearl, can use on face and the chest area.

hi MeiMei,
yes, that's the EL set. You can find it at all EL counters in Singapore now.