Monday, 2 November 2009

Guerlain Imperial Holiday

The Guerlain counter at Tangs has started taking pre-orders for the holiday collection. The prices are as follows:
1. Sublime Radiant Powder For Face & Body S$120
2. Meteorites Perles Imperiale S$79
3. Meteorites Compact S$220
4. KissKiss Gloss S$41
5. Eyeshadow Quad #407 Bal de Nuit $84
6. Rouge G S$71

I've pre-ordered the Meteorites Perles Imperiale as I've developed a soft spot for these glowy balls which are great for every day use. The rest of the collection was just too pricey for me. According to the SA, the collection should arrive in about 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Hi. How much is the meteorites selling? I just got the mini trio to try the product, but I dun really know how to apply them. Care to share your expertise? What's the purpose of the different version?
- Sweetsnow

Haru said...

Do you mean the normal (not limited edition) Meteorites? I think those are S$82. You can use a big powder brush to apply a light layer all over the face, on top of foundation for an added glow. The different versions give different nuances in shades, some are more pinkish toned, some are more white/pearly and some are more natural/nude toned.

Sheila said...

Hi Haru!

I'm so excited for Bal de Nuit because I don't have a neutral palette yet, can you believe that? haha.

Merilyn said...

Wow. Babe, thanks for telling us how to apply Meteorites Perles Imperiale. the big brush sounds very enticing, giving whole face a illuminating glow.

However I'm curious if you still put on some loose powder after the Imperiale? or just liquid foundation -> Imperiale and call it a shot? :P


Haru said...

Hi Merilyn,
I use the Meteorites balls instead of loose powder. The Meteorites add a glow and do not have much in terms of oil control so if you have very oily skin, you may prefer to use loose powder first and then dust on the Meteorites on the areas where you want more of a glow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

May I know when you did your pre-order? I went to Tangs yesterday to preorder but the SA said she can't because she has too many preorders and is afraid that she is unable to provide the stocks by then. However on last Sunday, when I called up the counter, they said they do preorders. Thank you.

Haru said...

I put in my order on Monday 2 Nov noontime. Maybe you can also try the Guerlain counter at Takashimaya? I thought it was a bit strange that we had to pre-order for this collection. The SA also wasn't sure if the collection will be displayed for sale.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Watsons Singapore may be bringing in Japanese Brand DHC here soon.