Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Shu Uemura x Tsumori Chisato

The Tsumori Chisato collection has been launched at the Shu Uemura counter in Takashimaya so I dropped by today to check it out. The large cosmetics case costs an incredible S$140. It is very cushy and has an inner pocket, if I recall correctly. It's adorable but is it worth S$140? Well, that's really up to the individual to decide. Tsumori Chisato is an expensive brand in general in Japan and this case sold out in a flash in Japan so it is a true collectible.

I didn't get to ask about the prices of the other products but in general, I thought the makeup items looked nice but not truly outstanding or holy-grail quality. It's still largely the whimsical packaging that is the main attraction.

A reader asked for my opinion on whether the main reason behind limited edition items not selling out as quickly in Singapore, as compared to Japan and Taiwan, is mainly due to the higher price points in Singapore. I think aside from the fact that Shu Uemura is more expensive here, another factor could be that Singapore has a much smaller population of female consumers who are into makeup, compared to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In Japan, almost every woman wears makeup and it's considered rude not to wear some to make oneself presentable. Japanese consumers are also much more willing to spend on pricey, limited edition makeup items. In my office, I would say at most half of women wear makeup regularly. In contrast, Singaporean women spend much more willingly on clothes and shoes.

If cosmetics prices were lower in Singapore, women may spend more. But the unfortunate trend seems to be for prices to increase every year instead. MAC has been getting more expensive with a Mineralize blush now costing S$44. Dior also raised its eyeshadow palette prices this year with some going for S$91 now. Maybe it is because even at these prices, the regular customers still keep buying. Bobbi Brown's limited edition palettes always sell out.

As consumers, we can only be more selective about what we buy. Personally, I always try to buy only at stores where I can get a rebate or points or during sales. But if it's something I really want, I usually just bite the bullet and hand over my credit card, then cut back on some other expenditure (like buy less magazines). 'Cos life's short and unpredictable so we should enjoy it while we can, as long as we have the means :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for checking! ♥ The Planet vanity is quite a bit cheaper but I do agree it's still a lot to pay for a cosmetic pouch.

I definitely agree with you regarding pricing in Singapore and Singaporean women generally being less keen on cosmetics. But I'm glad when LE cosmetics sell out slowly, it's a pain having to rush down to the counter the moment something is released. :P

Anonymous said...

hi haru, do u know how much is the smaller cosmetic bag in same star print? i love the large one but $140 is wayyy too mebbe can get the smaller one.

Di said...

I have to say that the only thing that attracts me is the packaging. It is so cute!

Anonymous said...

the colors in the tsumori chisato palette is really nice and wearable i think, i would get it... but $130???

fanilee said...


The lipsticks are S$45 each. Palettes are S$130 each. Brush set at S$125. Shimmer powder at S$90.

So pricey!!! =(

Catherine said...

I absolutely adore the packaging for this collection, but I ended up just picking up two items - the Golden Snow highlighter and the only US lipstick in Jupitor Brown. I have to say, I positively love just looking at the pieces everyday. I really wish I could afford to pick up the brush set too, but the tools/bags are definitely realllly pricy for this collection.

Sheila said...

Wow, Dior makeup costs THAT MUCH in Singapore? That is $68CAD. It only costs $58CAD here + 12% tax, which is about $65. Do you guys get charged additional taxes on top of the original price?

Haru said...


Sorry, I don't know the price of the smaller cosmetic pouch. Will find out this Saturday when I go for the Shu fanatic event at Tangs Orchard.

Hey Sheila,
The $91 for Dior palettes is in Singapore dollars, so that is about US$60+. Our sales tax is 7% and it is already built into the price.

Hi fanilee,
Thanks for the info on the prices!

Anonymous said...

I am quite surprised to see some ladies working in Orchard, Shenton Way & Suntec area not wearing make-up at all. This is one of the reason why so many cult brands are not available in Singapore.

stellarvixen said...

me an avid fan of starsss subject lol but heck no way i'm paying S140 for tsumori chisato T.T even i hav 30% off all their merchandise..

shu is good for cleansing oil..their makeup collections are mediocre like what you commented & boring plasticky packaging too!

back to ladies makeup nations..even in KL is soo rare to find OL ladies with good makeup on except those beauty SA lol

BV said...

Hi Haru-chan

I completely agree with your comments. I admit that some limited editions do suck me in. For example, I am still kicking myself for not getting Stila's Little Black Dress and the MAC Style Black eyeshadows.
People always say "oh, you spend too much money on makeup"... I don't get it. Usually these are the people who spend over $200 on a nice meal with wine every week!!

Firstly, I buy makeup because I love it and I get a lot of joy out of it. I wear makeup every single day of my life! Secondly, I don't spend too much money on other things eg like eating at expensive restaurants or paying off some fancy car. I drive a hatchback, eat at cheaper restaurants and economise on many other factors in my life.

What about people who go golfing on the weekends? That's really expensive, clothes, club fees, clubs etc and no one says to them "oh you are wasting money on golfing"... HA.

Sorry for rant - I agree - if you can afford it and you want it - why not? Treat yourself. Life is short and let's face it a lot of hard work. You should be able to reward yourself for being good!

Love your blog too btw!!

fanilee said...

Hey all,

The smaller pouch is not for sale. As least not at Isetan Scotts. You get the smaller pouch if you purchase one palette and 1 lipstick or the highlighter and 1 lipstick. =) This is the promotion they are having. =)

bka34 said...

hi. i can't recall how i stumbled on your blog but i'm glad i did. i'm from canada so i'm only familiar with brands around me. but thanks to you i'm now aware of what jap/other asian brands have to offer. lol

my makeup collection consist of western high-end brands and the only SU item i own is the eyelash curler. because of you i'm currently obssessing on the TC holiday collection. lol i already own 4 pieces from this line and i'm looking at purchasing a couple more to somewhat complete my collection. so thank you! :0)

Haru said...

Hi bka34,
I'm glad to be of help! There are a few other beauty blogs that also cover Japanese brands, like fuzkittie, Lotus Palace, Atouchofblusher, A Beautyful Sentiment. Do check them out if you have the time.

I haven't purchased anything from the Tsumori Chisato collection but I expect to haul some stuff tomorrow! Will definitely post about it here if I do :-)

hey fanilee,
Thanks for the info. I also found that out from the Isetan Scotts Shu counter yesterday. It makes hauling the palette and lipsticks much more tempting!

hey BV,
I totally agree with everything you said! It's how I respond to people who question how much i spend on makeup too. I don't have other hobbies aside from this so I don't see what I can't spend whatever I like (and can afford to) on it, even if I am unable to ever use it all up.