Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tsumori Chisato x Shu Uemura Haul

Shu Uemura held a party for its members at the Tangs Orchard counter today to launch the Tsumori Chisato collection. The event had a slew of special offers which I found too irresistible to pass up so this was what I came home with :-) During the makeup demo, the MA said that on the day of release in Japan, 200 customers lined up in Shinjuku for this collection and over 700 units of makeup items were sold in one day alone.

After registering, each guest was given a choice of either a gold or pink pouch with a pack of accessories that they could then use to decorate the pouch. This was pretty fun!

I picked the Venus Pink lipstick (S$45) at the SA's recommendation as she said it would brighten up my face given my fair skin tone.

The Ribbon Palette (S$130) looked very sweet when applied on the model during the makeup demonstration. The MA first applied the white cream shade as the highlighter over the browbone area before brushing on the pink shade from the middle of the lid to the outer crease. She used the lilac shade from the inner corners to the middle and then added a touch of the gold shade in the middle of the lid with the brown cream lining the upper lashline.

If you purchase both a palette and a lipstick, you receive the small pouch as the gift. I was afraid they would run of the pouch so I made my purchase very soon after registering for the event.

Like the vanity case, the pouch is very well padded with an inner pocket and a gold star charm attached to the zip. I thought this was the most valuable GWP given how much the vanity case costs. In the US, you can buy the pouch by itself for US$29.

Here's a pic of it stuffed with all the deluxe samples I received.

And the star of the collection, the Vanity Planet (S$140). The SA told me that she liked it so much that she bought it at full price as Shu Uemura does not give its SAs any staff discounts on limited edition items.

Here's a comparison pic with the Paul & Joe vanity case. The Shu one is obviously roomier and more suitable for travel as the Paul & Joe case is wrapped in paper. But in terms of price, the Paul & Joe set is more affordable at S$93 and it includes an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner pencil.

This was the doorgift worth over S$40: Japanese iris bath oil 30, Depsea Moisture Replenishing Emulsion 10ml and Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O 8ml.

The GWP for spending S$150: the bath oil, Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O and White Recovery EX+ 50ml and UV Underbase Fluid 10ml.

The prizes I got in the sure-win lucky dip with every S$120 purchase: another Cleansing Oil and Depsea Moisture Replenishing Cream 13ml.

If you spend S$180 and above, you also receive the Tsumori Chisato mirror which comes with its own pouch.

What persuaded me to haul so much was actually Shu Uemura sending me a S$60 voucher (off a purchase of S$120) for my birthday earlier this week, just in time for the event (what a stroke of luck!). In addition, Tangs is currently giving a $20 voucher for every S$200 purchase for Tangs Citibank Platinum cardholders. On top of that, I also enjoyed my usual 10% rebate on my Tangs Citibank Platinum card. So all in all, thanks to the event and various promos, I managed to save a nice bundle and received a ton of gifts!


Anonymous said...

Hi Haru san! Your Tsumori Chisato haul is worth buying in Singapore bcoz in Msia is not worth spending Msia Ringgit 1,000 just to get the small vanity pouch. however, many thks for sharing this info with us on your great blog!! -June-

Haru said...

Hi June,
RM1000? That's just outrageous! Usually, Malaysia has cheaper cosmetics prices compared to Singapore but in this case, I think we had the better range of promotions even though the prices for the Tsumori Chisato collection is higher than Japan, the US and probably Malaysia as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru san, yes. It is true. Initially the SAs said that we could buy at Malaysia Ringgit 80 each for the small pouch but when it was launched on that day itself, they just simply changed it as GWP of at least 1,000 Malaysian Ringgit. what an genious but cunning marketing strategy. so I ended with buying only the Rouge lippies 1 each of the 3 new colours. i was very disappointed with their last minute changes. in fact I wanted to get more items but too disappointed and changed my mind to buy more items of this collection. btw, where did u get this haul? from isetan or takashimaya Singapore? thanks -June-

evie said...

great haul!!!

Blossomy said...

Hi Haru, so you bought 1 vanity case(S$140), palette(130),lipstick(45) and got all free gifts in you pics? I just wonder if SA give S$180 gift to you for S$140 purchase of the vanity case only. According to Taka SA for purchaser of both palette and listick if you choose the pouch you are not entitled the gift of skin care gigt set.different promotion??

CHARRY said...

wow! great haul! I am drooling over your new stuff, they're all very pretty! :)

Anonymous said...


There are pros and cons to buying Shu in M'sia or S'pore, e.g. Ribbon Palette and Planet Cat palettes are RM198. There was no lucky draw at the event I attended in KL and it seems to me you got a lot more freebies with purchase than us.

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty good buy with all the freebies and discounts!

just curious if you keep all your makeup in a special dry box or anything given that you have quite a statsh? i've had cream and liquidy stuff go bad on me before in this weather...

Haru said...

Hi June,
I bought my Tsumori stuff at Tangs Orchard. I usually try to buy at Tangs as I have a credit card linked to Tangs that gives me a 10% rebate, much more than I get at Isetan with the Isetan points card. That's quite awful of Shu Malaysia to change the promotion at the last minute and RM1000 is just too much.

Hi Blossomy,
For buying the palette and lipstick, I got the pouch. But as my total purchase was $255 (after deducting the $60 birthday voucher I had), I got the 4-piece skincare set and Tsumori Chisato mirror as the amount was over $180. There was no rule at the Tangs counter saying that you can't get the skincare set if you already got the Tsumori pouch GWP. Some of the other skincare samples were the door gift for attending the event (which is only for Shu members) and the lucky dip promotion which was exclusive to this event. That's how I ended up with so many skincare samples.

I keep all my makeup in cabinets so they are kept away from sunlight and heat. I don't use anything special to keep them dry in our humid weather. For cream and liquid makeup, I throw them out once they go bad.

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

Hi there! It's a great haul i would say! I am currently in Japan and checked at most of the counter, most Tsumori Chisato items were sold out! Not able to grab any!! Sob sob!!

Ah Hui ● 阿慧 said...

Hi Haru,

Wat a great day. I'd passby tangs today but missed up the event. sigh, regret now! I've saw the vanity case, it's really really nice, was thinking to get 1 but mum is staring at me, lol. Actually i'm a member of shu uemara and tis would be my birthday month also, dunno whether can get $60 off as i didnt recieve the voucher, cos of shifted out from previous unit. what do u think? Is the tsumori chisato haul will luanch at every outlet?

thanks for sharing =)


Haru said...

Hi Candygal,
The Tsumori Chisato collection was launched on 1 November in Japan and as I understand, sold out in less than 1 day as it was very popular.

Hi Shevy,
You should check with one of the Shu counters and ask them if they can help you check. The $60 birthday voucher is the biggest perk of being a member and it would be a real pity if you missed out on it. If you have changed addresses, you should also inform the counter so that they can update their mailing list and you would not miss out on mailers. That was one of the first things I did when I moved house 2 months ago.

The vanity case is really overpriced and my mom was totally shocked by how much it cost, even after I told her that I had a $60 voucher that helped to offset the cost. But something as cute as this only comes around once in a blue moon, so for me, it was worth the splurge. The Tsumori Chisato collection is currently on sale at all Shu counters in Singapore. I've seen it at Takashimaya, the Shu store in Ion Orchard, Isetan Scotts and Tangs Orchard.

Mei said...

Hi Haru,

I'm a long time reader, but this is my first comment. Congratulations on your haul. =)

I have a question, if you don't mind? Was there a get-double-points voucher among the vouchers you got from shu uemura for your birthday? My birthday was last month you see, and much to my disappointment I didn't get the discount voucher. I'd written it off as shu uemura being cheap and changing their membership reward system, but now I'm wondering (hoping!) if it was left out by mistake. Thanks. ^^

Haru said...

Hi Mei,
I didn't receive a double points voucher. The rest of my vouchers were for restaurants, jewellery shop, the cinema and the Apple store. I made a quick blog post to show the vouchers that I received. Do check with the Shu Uemura counter and let them know that you didn't receive anything in your birthday month even though you are a member. I hope they help rectify the oversight. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely haul! ♥ I'm drooling over your vanity. XD

The SA here (in Aus) wouldn't let me stack the GWPs, or I would have bought more to get the mirror. :( We had the cute cat eye pillow(?) too, but that was with purchase of $500... way too much!

dear.shopaholic said...

Wow, fantastic haul.
Happy belated birthday, too!

Anonymous said...

How did u learnt about the $20 voucher promo? I have the card but didn't recieve any notification. Thanks.

watercoloursky said...

Thats an awesome haul! I'm lemming the lipsticks but its too bad we don't have any discounts or even the Sephora F&F to help with the cost. Funny thing is, out of everything I like the free mirror you got the most :D

Haru said...

hi rainbowstar,
That's a pity that they wouldn't let you stack GWPs. To have to spend $500 just to get a small mirror is too much!

About the $20 voucher promo, I read about it in a Tangs ad in the newspapers. You have to go to the customer service centre on the 2nd floor to redeem the voucher. I think the promotion runs until end of this month, if I recall correctly.

Hi blu3,
I think some Singaporean ladies were ordering from Sephora USA in order to take advantage of the F&F 20% discount. The mirror is also sold individually on the Shu Uemura (USA) website for US$15. Singapore may be more expensive in terms of Shu prices but the GWPs tend to be more generous, so that helps somewhat.

Catherine said...

OMG - amazing haul!! So jealous of the great promos you got at your counter!

Love the look of the pink lipstick as well - I would have loved to purchase that one instead of the Jupitor Brown...!

Georgina said...

wow what a great haul! you must be feeling pretty good huh? ^_~ i wish our local shu uemura counters also give that kind of promotion since prices in manila are higher. :(

dark nyx said...

I bought the planet ribbon planet too! I bought stuff just to get the pouch too. =P Too bad they don't sell the vanity case here.

makeupmag said...

I loved reading this post! What an excellent birthday treat and a wonderful way to round up your TC collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, please please please do a eotd with the ribbon palatte!! It's looking so lovely! Can you do a review of the overall palatte??

Joanne said...

there is a event this sat at isetan scotts. do u think the event is the same as tangs one?

Haru said...

Hi Joanne,
The event at Isetan is also a makeup show but I'm not sure if they will have the same promos (like the gold/pink clutch, sure-win lucky dips) but they should have the same GWPs for spending $150 (skincare set) and $180 (mirror).

Pinky said...

Hey Haru
can you please do a ETOD for us using your Tsumori eye palette please? :) very keen :)

by the way how do you find their skincare sample e.g. dx deepsea water, recovery gel etc which you got from this tangs event?

thank you!

Beauty Runway said...

Hi Iris

Happy Birthday ! Love your haul !

I was there too, busy taking pictures of the demo. U were standing in front ?

Vichaya said...

What a great haul you have here!!!! Shu Uemura in my country (Thailand) NEVER give out a great promotion like this. I've been their member for like 5 years and NOTHING!!! :P Plus, when I lost my wallet and everything inside, they said I have to pay them to get my new member card issued. :P I stop buying anything from them since.

:) Great hauls. I love that vanity case. But I doubt that I'll get anything from them though. The price's ridiculous and I've found any other brand that I love. :)

Haru said...

Hi Vichaya,

That's not very nice of them but it is often the case in Singapore as well that if you lose your membership card, the company asks you to pay a replacement fee. Hope the other beauty counters in Thailand give better service!

Hi Beaute Runway,
I think I recognised you from your blog too! But was too shy to say hello ;-p maybe next time! Yes, I think I was just in front of you, in the red skirt and black/grey sleeveless top.

hi Pinky,
I haven't tried any of the skincare samples I received from this event but I quite like Shu Uemura's whitening skincare essence which I use every morning before I apply foundation. I use their Cleansing Oil daily too to remove my makeup.

j0s1e267 said...

What a GREAT haul Iris!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just came back from KL and I think it's more value for money over there. I bought the Tsumori Chisato vanity case + brush set + Jupiter brown lipstick for slightly less than S$180 in total! I think it would have cost double that in Singapore... but I think it's also because they were having a special promotion - spend RM300 and get the brush set for only RM90. Very worth it IMO.