Sunday 8 November 2009

Lunasol Spring 2010 Press Preview

Voce magazine has posted photos of the Lunasol spring collection press preview event on its editor's blog. I'm much more excited about the collection after seeing these photos. Look at the gorgeous shimmer!

As the collection theme is Nature Purification, each palette reflects a different element: sea, greenery, earth, sand and flowers.

Release date is 15 January in Japan which means Singapore may get it only in late February/March.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! Can't believe spring is almost here!

Annie Dong said...

Haha, spring is NOT almost here!! We still have winter to go! ;D I love how our seasonal clocks are driven by makeup collections. We are truly beauty addicts - and proud of it, too!

Anonymous said...

LOL at the above comment, Winter is not even here yet lol but the palettes are still gorgeous!

j0s1e267 said...

Wow! I am liking the pink, blue and green palettes! Which ones are you eyeing?

Haru said...

Hey Michelle,

So far, I like the pink/purple/brown palette. I'm not sure if the blue and green palettes will be flattering on my skintone while I already have brown Lunasol quads that are very similar to the brown palette in this collection.

❤ るうかぴょん said...

soo gorgeous!
now im doubting should i get the star shower eyes collection or just waited for spring palette to come :/

anyway, do you know how much is Lunasol liquid foundation and the base retailing for?
eyeing for it as well :D


Haru said...


Sorry, I don't know the prices of the Lunasol base makeup. Perhaps you can call the counter to ask?