Sunday, 8 November 2009

Maquillage TV CM & Spring 2010

New TV CM featuring actress Ueno Juri for the new Maquillage Shiny Jelly Rouge which will be launched in December.

Pics of the winter collection pamphlet from 2Channel.

The Spring 2010 collection will be released on 21 January in Japan:

1. Eyes Creator: 5 palettes include 2 limited edition (3990yen)

2. Eye Color N (Powder): 6 shades (840yen)

3. Eye Color N (Cream): 3 shades (840yen)

4. Lasting Perfect Rouge: 7 shades (3150yen)

5. Glossy Perfect Rouge: 9 shades (3150yen)

6. Smooth & Stay Lip Liner: 6 shades (cartridge 945yen, holder 1575yen)

7. Long Stay Eyeliner: 6 shades include 2 limited edition shades (cartridge 1260yen, holder 945yen)

8. Eyebrow Color Wax: 3 shades (1890yen)

9. Rouge & Lip Brush Special Set (3150yen): limited edition kits comprising either a Lasting Perfect Rouge (choice of 2 shades) or Glossy Perfect Rouge (choice of 3 shades) with a lip brush.

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