Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Jill Stuart Bath & Body Collection

I received the Jill Stuart Bath & Body Collection yesterday, courtesy of a friend who picked it up for me while in Hong Kong. It cost HK$460 (S$85), a bit cheaper than Japan where it is 6300yen (S$97).

The pouch is very well made from a waterproof vinyl-like material and a cute rose charm. Inside, there is a small side pocket.

The set comprises a body oil, shower gel, body scrub, body cream and bath lily. The SA also included a sample of the new Moisture Silk Foundation #101 Linen.

The products are all scented with a white floral bouquet fragrance. Love the packaging of these, which I will definitely be re-using once I've finished the products.

The bath lily comes with a Jill Stuart ribbon tag and feels nicely dense.

Also received this scrunchy as a free gift. The small Jill Stuart metal tag had fallen off!


Sheila said...

Wow, that is so pretty. If you can write a review of the products after you've tried, that would be awesome =) I've always wondered what JS bath products were like.

I love JS stuff, too bad its not available in Canada, or the markup is so high. I try to get all of my JS from HK or TW because its cheaper there.

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh! that's just so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

What lovelies!!

kuri♥ayu said...

What a beautiful collection. I wish jill stuart were available in the US

Vonvon said...

Oh dear!!! What an exquisite collection! How's the scent like?

Love all the cutesy stuff, and the scrunchy is so elegant.......

Haru said...

It is a sweet floral scent, not too fruity. Sorry, I'm not good at describing scents.

The scrunchy is actually not very well made. The satin feels a bit cheap and the gauze part is starting to fray.

Jessying said...

Pretty pretty pretty !! so tempting ya !!! will be very good as Christmas gift!

Vonvon said...

Hi Haru,

No worries, just wanna have a general idea how it smells like....neither me is good at describing scents.

Hmmm...looks can be deceiving (referring to the scrunchy).

Anonymous said...

hk60? Should be 600 rite?

Haru said...

Oops, sorry, it should be HK$460. I've corrected the post. Thanks for pointing it out!

Jenni said...

AH i was tempted to get this collection too, but i didn't :P
i'm waiting for the holiday collection soon!

❤ るうかぴょん said...

it's soo pretty~
too bad it's not available in singapore yet :(

have you tried the new moist powder foundation?
is it better than the old silk pf?

thank you~