Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Addiction Fall 2010

Addiction will release its London-inspired fall collection on 20 August in Japan.

A: Eyeliner Pencil Secret Night (black with silver pearl), 2625yen
B: Eyeliner Pencil Ivy Road (metallic grey)
C: Blush in Good Girl (coral pink) 2940yen
D: Lipgloss in Crybaby (nude beige pink) 2625yen
E: Lipstick in Speechless (sheer mauve) 2940yen
F: Eyeshadow 042P (pearly grey) 2100yen
G: Eyeshadow 045P (purple)
H: Eyeshadow 040P (matte charcoal grey)

Pic is from Anecan.


leechie said...

where can we buy addiction cosmetics eh?thx =)

Haru said...

It's currently sold only in Japan but some websites do carry it, like and

Anonymous said...

Are these items going to be limited edition? For some reason, that mauve lipstick is calling to me, but the jacked up prices when I buy online is :(

leechie said...

how abt hk or taiwan? o.O

Haru said...

Addiction is sold only in Japan at the moment.

Haru said...

I don't know if the items will be limited edition as the magazine did not state which ones are LE. There should be more info when the official website is updated later.