Friday 2 July 2010

Paul & Joe Clair de Lune has posted pics of the Paul & Joe fall makeup collection, Clair de Lune (which means "light of the moon"). The collection will be released on 6 August in Japan (with the fall base makeup collection to follow on 3 September). The three Face & Eye Color CS will retail for 3675yen while the three Lipstick C will retail for 3045yen each, all limited edition as usual. The collection will also include a new Pencil Eyeliner WP (1890yen) in six shades.

Silvery Moon

Blue Moon

Paper Moon


Over the Moon

Clair de Lune

The base makeup collection will include:

1. Moisturising Foundation Primer N: 3 shades (3675yen)

2. Creamy Matte Foundation: 6 shades (5250yen)

3. Face Color: 3 limited edition shades (2940yen)

Click here to see photos from the Paul & Joe Fall/Winter 2010 runway show in Tokyo. Paul & Joe Beaute also tweeted this pic of designer Sophie Albou posing with one of the cat-head lipsticks, which have been garnering quite extreme reactions online. I think i'll be picking up the whole collection, but more for the lovely prints and face colours rather than the cat heads.


jac said...

Beautiful eye shadow

Anonymous said...

LOL at the cat heads. Haru, how is the quality of Paul and Joe lipsticks?

Haru said...

Paul & Joe is actually my favourite brand for lipsticks as they are moisturising and do not dry out my lips like other brands. Their lipsticks come in a variety of textures, with some being more sheer and glossy while others are creamy and semi-matte. I love their creamy semi-matte lipsticks which wear very comfortably on the lips. I don't know what the texture of the three lipsticks in the Fall 2010 collection will be like though.

Unknown said...

Hi Iris,

Thank you so much for your pictures, I remember seeing them from you the last time and I wanted to see more color variations for the lipstcks. Now that I have seen them, I really like them, hopefully they get released over here sometime soon.

So many great collections coming out this fall, The lunasol palette are so goegeous, the color combinations are still looking so spring time but yet still in trend.

Are you preparing to buy some of the lipsticks? Would be really nice to see some beautiful swatches and looks on you. My hands are itching to get hold of this collection already @@

Haru said...

hi Lisa,
I'm definitely getting the Paul & Joe lipsticks from the fall collection but I'll wait to test them out in person before deciding whether to get all of them, as they are very pricey in Singapore (around S$37). I'll definitely try to do swatches of all of them at the counter. Hopefully, the collection will arrive quite soon in Singapore after the Japan release date although it usually takes at least a month or two.

Anonymous said...

hey do you know where i can get those lip sticks and shadows in spore?

Haru said...

The P&J counters are at Isetan Scotts, Isetan Orchard and Takashimaya. This collection has mostly sold out already though.