Saturday, 10 July 2010

Kate New Spokesmodel

Kate has a teaser on its website about its new spokesmodel, replacing Nakashima Mika who has been fronting Kate's ad campaigns for several years now (at least 5?). It'll be interesting to see if the new spokesmodel, who will be unveiled on 21 July, has the same rock chick vibe of Nakashima or the more typical kawaii image.


eri said...

Maybe Kaela Kimura? I'm going to miss Mika Nakashima though.

(Lovely blog, btw! I'm a long time reader, first time commenting.. ^^)

Haru said...

Hey eri,
There is a rumour on 2Channel that Kaela Kimura is the next Kate spokesmodel so you may well be right! Anyway, we'll find out on 21 July. Yeah, it'll be strange not seeing Nakashima in the Kate ads as I always associate Kate with her.

Thanks for reading the blog! :-)

Anonymous said...

hi, i saw kate in watsons at city hall. i was so excited to see it actually.

Kimberly Xie-aka-Kinna said...

I love Mika Nakashima, since her turn in the NANA movies. The cool-rock-chic image suits her very well, so I'm sad to see her leave the Kate ads.