Sunday 18 July 2010

Ettusais Duo Pact & Aqua Splash M

Ettusais will release a new Duo Pact foundation (2940yen) and Aqua Splash M on 16 September in Japan. The Duo Pact foundation has SPF16 PA++. The top quarter of the foundation is a lighter-coloured oil-absorbing powder to help the foundation last longer. You can see more pics of it on Kyoko Iida's blog.

The Aqua Splash M (1260yen, 40ml) is an oil-free moisturising mist formulated with trehalose. This will probably retail for S$28 in Singapore, as that is the price of the oil-absorbing Aqua Splash (in the blue packaging) that is now available at Ettusais counters in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm looking for a kinda powder or 2way foundation w sunscreen UVA UVB... tried kose recently launched sesiki supreme.. it didn't work for me.. It accenture my cheek open pores n laugh lines. I hv combination skin. What other powder or 2 way foundation would u recommend?

Sun from Singapore

Haru said...

hi Sun,
I would recommend Lancome Maquicake UV Infinite Powder foundation which has SPF20 and PA++. It is not a two-way foundation. Instead, it is actually waterproof (if you drop the foundation pan into a beaker of water and take it out, you'll find that the foundation actually remains dry). I found it to give a very natural and longlasting finish.

The other powder foundation that I like and am currently using the Dior X4 Control Compact foundation, which has SPF20 and PA++. Perhaps you can try these out at the counter before deciding whether to purchase, as both are a bit pricey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Haru... will check out your recommendations:)


Anonymous said...

I love the aqua splash in blue bottle. It helps to freshen up my makeup at mid day and makes my pores look smaller too! I've stopped using blotting paper ever since I've started on this.

Anonymous said...

Lancome's is waterproof? den how to wash it off? LOLX. Kidding but I guess you have to use oil cleansing, scrub and toner afterwards to remove it thoroughly.

Btw, I love love love Ettusais zero oil-block foundation. Can't wait to try this new one!

Ling said...

Hi Haru

Thanks for sharing new update :) Really appreciate. I have their pre-acne sheet and found it pretty effective to preempt acnes. but chey chey, no one loves pimple. good to have in case there is budding sign of that fellow appearing, urgh

Haru dear, sorry to chip in a non related question here. Do you know how can we customize a eye shadow palette MAC? Wow pro looking and very convenient too. Do you know how can we customize this type of eye shadow palette? is it an online order or available in local store and that we just need to tell SA what we want and they will depot into a palette and sold to us? sorry, really noob and would like to know how to get started at least if it's available instore, i know what to ask for since you know la..some MAC not very helpful to begin with.

The teal and blue collection is indeed very lovely and love to get all these colors from mac

this is how it looks:

Sincerely love to get your help on this

milktea said...

Hi Haru. I will check this out in Isetan KL. Wanna compare the price. Love the different coloured powder in the pact!

Haru said...

hi Ling,
The MAC Pro store at Ngee Ann City (B1) sells the eyeshadow pans in the refill form, as in they do not come in the black pot. So you can buy the palette case separately and just fill it up with the individual eyeshadow pans. The Pro store should also sell the palette cases (which comes in a small one that fits 4 and the larger one that fits 15) but I'm not sure if these are currently in stock so you should check with the store directly. You can probably find their phone number online.

The eyeshadow pans cost less than the normal eyeshadows that come in the pots but the range is more limited for the pans. Limited edition shades do not come in the refill form.

hey milktea,
Hope the markup in KL is not as high as the prices in Singapore!

Ling said...

Dear Haru
Thanks for your reply, i am much clearer now on MAC eye shadows pan and it's limitation. Appreciated and glad i asked you :) I will certainly check out Mac Pro Ngee Ann branch for more info :)


Anonymous said...

Any idea when this is gonna be launch in Singapore? I check with the SA they said maybe I'm Dec or next year??!!!?

Haru said...

I don't know when it'll be released in Singapore but Ettusais collections usually launch in Singapore about 1-2 months after the Japan release. For example, the Bitaba mascara that was launched on 15 July in Japan just became available here.