Wednesday 14 July 2010

Lush Summer Pudding

Lush Summer Pudding (£2.95 for 100g) was just released by Lush some weeks ago. It sounded very intriguing as it is a creamy soap mixed with a mild scrub that contains ground almonds. It also has glaced cherries to create the visual effect of a real dessert. The slice that I got didn't contain any cherries but I didn't mind because I think the cherry bits would just clog up the drain!

As you can see from the pics, the beige scrub portion seems to break off easily from the solid pink soap parts although it could have more to do with the way that my soap was sliced. The ground almonds are very soft and the exfoliating action feels even gentler than that of Angels on Bare Skin.

According to the ingredients list on Lush UK, Summer Pudding contains rapeseed oil, coconut oil, buchu oil, almond oil, lemon oil and juniper berry oil. The soap is scented with buchu and citrus but to be honest, the scent smells quite strange to me. I'm pathetic at describing scents and frankly, I don't know what buchu is supposed to smell like! Suffice to say that it's not the usual sweet fruity or refreshing citrusy aroma. The scent does linger on my skin after showering but without being overpowering.

I do like the combination of the solid soap and the scrub portion as it leaves my skin feeling very soft and clean. A body moisturiser is still necessary for me post-shower as I have chronically dry patches on my legs and arms. I do foresee the scrub portion being used up much faster than the solid soap part though. I probably won't re-purchase it as I'm not that fond of the scent but still, I'm glad I tried it out. There's just something magical about Lush that makes me lust after virtually everything that they come up with!

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