Friday 23 July 2010

Maquia September 2010

Picked up the September issue of Maquia (S$15.50) at Kinokuniya in Ngee Ann City today.

It comes with ten sachets of Inner Signal skincare. The Inner Signal samples include: Rejuvenate Extract beauty essence (2x0.8ml), Rejuvenate Lotion (2x2ml), Rejuvenate Milk (2x1ml), Rejuvenate Cream (2x1g), Rejuvenate Clear Up Eyes (0.3g) and UV Protect Makeup Base SPF25 PA++ (0.5g). The skincare contains "Energy Signal AMP" which helps to keep skin youthful by enhancing cell turnover and preventing the accumulation of melanin.

There is also a separate booklet featuring the fall makeup collections.

Cover model Rinka in a spread on "Secrets of Happy Makeup".

The October issue of Maquia will come with a 15ml bottle of Ipsa's revamped Metabolizer and cotton pads. The release date is 23 August in Japan.


crystal said...

hi iris~ first time commenting! (silent reader + supporter)

i always head to this blog of yours for the latest info & updates on jap products. really useful info you've got ^^

i was wondering... is it possible to do a translation + scan on the happy makeup thingy? i'm kinda interested in knowing about that bit, pity i don't understand japanese.

thanks! ^^
keep up the awesome work you're doing (^.^)v

Haru said...

Hi Crystal,
Sorry I'm afraid I don't have the time to do a translation and I don't own a scanner.