Sunday, 25 July 2010

Jill Stuart Website Update

Jill Stuart has updated its website with the new fall collection. Check out the special website for Blush Blossom and Innocent & Smoky here!


Anonymous said...

I checked out the website, its so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Any opinion on the quality of their loose powder?

Haru said...

Jill Stuart's Loose powder is very finely milled with a lovely dreamy finish.

Unknown said...

Hi Iris.... I am so looking forward to these. Best collection Ever!

I have already ordered some online.They are so beautiful.

Thank you for this update. Are you still planning to get some Paul & Joe fall season?Would be nice for some eyeshadow swatches. The eyeshadows are Beautiful too.

Hope you have a great day =D

Haru said...

hi Lisa,
I'm definitely getting most of the P&J fall collection as everything looks lovely to me! You can see swatches here:

Unknown said...

I like the Fonts of the Blush Blossom. Gives me inspiration.

Anonymous said...

This HK blogger has pics of the actual products.

eunice said...

hi iris,
i'm so excited.. after reading your blog for about 3 years, i finally get to go to japan this dec! i still remember my first jap hauls were cps from you.. and after that there was no turning back.. i went several times to taipei to stock up on jap goodies but never been to japan..
could you pls help me out again n give me some tips on travelling in japan, esp tokyo. pls let me know the must-go places for cosmetics n skincare fanatics like us..
i'd like to cp for u if u r keen on anything..

Haru said...

hi Eunice,
That's great that you'll get to travel to Japan this December!

My favourite places to shop in Tokyo are:
1. Isetan Shinjuku: the busiest and most profitable beauty floor in Japan. They carry exclusive brands like Addiction, Giorgio Armani plus all the other major brands like RMK, MAC, Kanebo/Lunasol, Kose/Cosme Decorte/Magie Decor etc. In Shinjuku, the Odakyu, Keio and Takashimaya department stores also have a good selection of beauty brands.

2. Shibuya: The Seibu and Tokyu department stores in Shibuya carry a good selection of brands. You should also check out Building 109 which is very popular with young ladies. The Loft in Shibuya carries a good selection of drugstore brands. And there is of course the usual drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi for brands like Kate, Canmake, Majolica, Coffret D'Or, Maquillage, Esprique Precious etc.

3. Harajuku/Omotesando: Lafloret is a popular mall here. You can also find the flagship Agnes B. and Burberry Blue Label stores here, plus Ainz Tulpe which is an excellent drugstore near the Meijijingumae station. Takeshita-dori is a popular shopping street just opposite Harajuku station.

Eunice said...

hi iris,
thank you for all your helpful info.. thanks for replying amidst your busy work schedule.
sounds like tokyo's a shopping heaven! but the departmental store brands are more expensive than s'pore yah? did u ever come across any departmental sales on brands like jill stuart or magie deco?
after planning for this japan trip, i realised that japan's really an expensive c'try to tour, especially the price of the JRP shocked me initially. gotta save up these few months (",)

Haru said...

hi eunice,
There are never any sales on department store brands unfortunately. You can get some brands like Lunasol, RMK and Shu Uemura much cheaper at Narita Airport dutyfree but Narita doesn't have Magie Deco or Jill Stuart.
Yup, Japan can be expensive but it's usually worth it :-) The food is excellent and the country is beautiful. Clothes and shoes are incredibly overpriced though.