Thursday 1 July 2010

Aqua Label Anti-Aging Line Revamp

Shiseido will revamp the anti-aging range under its Aqua Label line on 21 August in Japan. While the previous line (in the purple packaging) was targeted at ladies above 50 years old, the revamped line is designed to be used by anyone concerned with skin ageing. The new line comes in yellow gold packaging and is formulated with royal jelly GL complex to help restore skin elasticity and m-Tranexamic acid for skin whitening benefits.

The line includes:

1. Lotion EX (1890yen, 200ml): This comes in (R) and (RR). (RR) is more deeply moisturising than (R).

2. Emulsion EX (2100yen, 130ml): Also available in (R) and (RR).

3. Royal Rich Essence (2205yen, 30ml)

4. Cream EX (3150yen, 25g)


Anonymous said...

I hope this range will make it to Singapore. said...

Thanks for answering me Haru!!!