Tuesday, 13 July 2010

ALT @ Heeren

I went to explore the new ALT store at the Heeren today with Kas of Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle. Spread out over three floors in the space formerly occupied by HMV, ALT felt like it was modelled after the Loft in Japan. The store is very brightly lit, airy and neatly organised. There were hardly any customers, which was a bit sad because the store is really a beauty addict's playground.

The ground floor has a section for bags and a beauty section with Paul & Joe, Pupa, I Nuovi, Ettusais, Lotree, fresh Minerals, the Makeup Store, Ossion, Kanava and Panadda. Panadda is a makeup brand from Thailand. I quite liked some of the blushes (S$25.90), which felt very silky with good colour payoff and a lovely shimmer.

The Pupa counter is massive and much more impressive than the displays at Sasa and BHG Bugis.

Ossion is a Korean skincare brand. It is displayed next to Kanava nailpolishes, but I don't know if the two brands are related.

The second floor is ladies' clothing. The third floor is the highlight of the store for me as it contains literally what must be over 100 brands including L'Oreal, Bourjois, Canmake, Kate, Shills, Principessa, Kiehls and many more that I'm not familiar with. For everything from haircare, skincare, bodycare, nails and makeup, you are just spoilt for choice here with the selection of brands available. Many of the brands here can also be found at Sasa, Watsons or Sephora but I liked the refined and quiet atmosphere of ALT where you are left to browse in peace to your heart's content.

Shills face powder and concealer stick.

The Principessa display.

False eyelashes display.

BB Creams galore.

Spotted some EcoTools skincare kits that I haven't seen at Watsons.

For nail addicts, there is a very well-stocked OPI section, including the latest Shrek Forever After and Summer Flutter collections. The Summer Flutter is also available in the set of 4 minis for S$35. The full size OPIs cost S$23.50.

The Orly display.

The third floor also carries snacks, household items and toys, like a rubber chicken that lets out the most hilarious (and LOUD) whining squeal when squeezed.

Do check out ALT if you get the chance!


Anonymous said...

No shop assistants to follow u around?! wow, will definitely check this place out, thanks for bring our attention to this new place! =)

HarumiPq said...

Aww Haru san thanks for the intro! One more new place to explore! =D

Chantana said...

I have been wanting to check ALT out once I heard it opening!

It gonna be Makeup Heaven! ^___^

Ninni said...

Oh, my lord! We have nothing even close to that in Sweden. I wish I could go there myself. That is truly heaven.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I may check this place out on a weekday instead of weekend due to the crowds in Orchard.

snow said...

Thanks for sharing!
I feel like going there right now. Spotted a fresh mineral counter, and it says wear it 24/7. Is it true that mineral powder foundations and eye/cheek color are safe to use even during sleeping time?
Does anyone do that for some time already? Would like to hear feedback on it...

Yumeko said...

sounds brillant
lets go there when i come visit ^^

Ling said...

Hi Haru
thanks for brightening up my bad work day with this sighting! the sights of makeup store and beauty addict playground never fails to give us adrenalin for the day LOL

but it seems..nothing special. u can find the same brands u can get in department too just maybe ossim?

sorry a non related question. sudden thoughts. how much is a MAC mineralize blush say for MoonRiver? thanks very much, ya.

AtelierGal said...

looks like Heeren is starting to 'revamp' itself. All I can think is another Isetan in the making??

engeng said...

WOW!! I have no idea HMV is gone from Hereen. Gonna sneak to the ALT soon. Looks great! :)

Haru said...

hi HarumiPq,
You're welcome!

Hi Chantana,
It's definitely a very pleasant and relaxed beauty emporium to shop in, do check it out if you have the tie! I'm worried that with the lack of customers, they may not last long.

hi Ninni,
It's actually very rare to find such a lovely beauty shop in Singapore too, so I was very excited when I explored it :-)

hi snow,
Sleeping in makeup is just a bad idea, and can be bad for your skin, even if it is light mineral makeup. Plus you would risk getting makeup all over your sheets.

hey Yumeko,
Definitely! :-)

hi Ling,
I find the clean and brightly lit, spacious environment to be the most attractive feature, along with the wide range of brands. I don't think you can find the same range in other department stores in Singapore, and certainly not so nicely displayed.

hi AtelierGal,
Heeren doesn't seem to be doing well though, compared to 313 and Orchard Central which have heavier traffic. It's a bit sad but hopefully ALT will attract more customers.

hey engeng,
ALT is definitely worth checking out if you have the time!

leechie said...

leechie was there on sun...abit too quiet for my liking...no offence, but wondering how long they will survive? o.O"

chantana said...

Maybe after awhile the crowds would be better. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Ling said...

Hi Haru
think you missed out, sorry but can you please let me know how much you pay MAC mineralize blush e.g. MoonRiver?

thank youuuuuuuuu!

Haru said...

It was S$44.

Anonymous said...

Hi there..

I'm lee and I'm going to singapore next year.
I'm a beauty addict and wanna know a "must see" cosme stores especially aLt store @ heeren.
Could u tell me where I can find the heeren?
Could u recommend cosme stores in singapore?

Haru said...

Heeren is in Orchard Road, which is the main shopping street.

For beauty shopping, the good department stores to check out in Orchard Road are Isetan, Tangs and Takashimaya (in Ngee Ann City). They are all located very close to one another on Orchard Road. For drugstore brands, the best is Watsons which can be found in virtually any major shopping centre. The one at Ngee Ann City is the largest. There is also Sephora at Ngee Ann City and Ion.