Friday, 16 July 2010

Ipsa Metabolizer Revamp

Ipsa will launch its new Metabolizer range on 10 September in Japan. This is the 7th generation of the Metabolizer, which is Ipsa's best-known skincare product. It is meant to be a toner and moisturiser in one.

The Metabolizer comes in 12 types spread over 3 ranges: ME Moist (5775yen), ME Moist White (6825yen) and ME Superior (7875yen). For the new range, it is recommended that you use three pumps for each application instead of the usual two. Ipsa has increased the size of the bottles to 175ml, from the current 125ml, but kept the prices largely the same. One bottle is supposed to last about 6 weeks.

Ipsa is also using a model for the first time in its ad visual. The model is actually an Ipsa counter staff. They were probably trying to appeal to the average woman but surely they could have picked a more flattering picture in which she doesn't look so dour!
Pic and info from Voce.

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Anonymous said...

gotta say the model looks pretty good even without makeup (or so it seems); the lighting could be better i guess. -stella