Saturday, 3 July 2010

EOTD: Smoky Green

I decided to do another smokey green look today using a combination of shades from RMK Spring Modern Eyes #2 Moss Green, L'Oreal Open Eyes Chrome Intensity Timeless Green and Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #3 Dazzling Night.

With Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin as the base, I used a brush to apply the white shade from Lunasol Dazzling Night over the browbone area down to the crease. Next, I used a broad sponge applicator to apply the green shade from L'Oreal Timeless Green from the middle of the lid to the outer corner and the medium green shade from RMK Moss Green from the inner corner to the middle of the lid and along the lower lashline. I used a thin sponge applicator to apply the black shade from L'Oreal Timeless Green along the upper lashline. Then I finished the look by curling my lashes with MAC eyelash curler, applying Maybelline The Falsies Volum'express mascara and Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner.

For the rest of the look, I used Dior Compact Control X4 Powder Foundation over RMK Face Protector N SPF31, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24hr 01, RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer EX01, Integrate Forming Cheeks (Jewel Box) #2 and Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.

I was looking through some of my earlier EOTD ('eye of the day') posts and couldn't help cringing painfully at many of my earlier attempts. Uncurled lashes, lack of proper eyeliner, puffy eyelids, bad angles and lighting.... the list goes on. My sincere thanks to my longtime readers who have continued reading this blog despite those poor attempts! I wish I had the time to invest in a photography course but for now, all my photos are taken with a simple point-and-shoot digicam, Canon Ixus 870IS. I don't Photoshop any of my pictures. Instead, I just keep shooting until I get a somewhat decent picture in which my face does not look puffy and my eyebags are less prominent!

Some of you may wonder why I don't use false eyelashes, lash extensions, Geo lenses (coloured contacts that make your irises look bigger) or eyelid tape/glue (for more prominent double eyelids), which are very popular among Asian ladies. The simple answer is that my makeup style is what feels comfortable and natural for me. And I have absolutely no desire to look like a doll! My daily routine takes an average of 20 minutes and that works for me :-)

Thanks for reading!


Beauty Runway said...

Lovely ETOD with some of my fav ! Second that its best to feel comfortable with our makeup :)

Eileen said...

Iris, you certainly don't need to apologize for any of your photos. We all look a bit ragged from time to time, yet we don't hide away waiting until we look just right. Life's for living, seize the moment, etc. If we always looked like those flawless, airbrushed glamazons we see in the magazines, we wouldn't need the myriad products cluttering our vanities :-)

You're a lovely, intelligent woman and a reliable, honest blogger. You are unique and do what's right for you. We always seem to be our own worst critics and that's OK if it leads to self-improvement. That seems to be the case with you. Your reviews and pictures are just getting better and better. It takes courage and self confidence to do what you do, Iris, and you're one of the very best.

Now, to your EOTD: Gorgeous! Smokey greens are particularly attractive on you--even without the contacts and tape LOL.

shopaholic said...

i agree with eileen and am now inspired more than ever to buy greenies!

Kathi said...

Gorgeous EOTD!! I love the greens! I always enjoy your EOTDs and I never noticed something wrong about them? =D

Anonymous said...

Totallay gorgeous. OT while in New Delhi you should try out some Indian sweets. I think you may like them if you have a sweet tooth. Mittai (Indian sweets) are not overly candied with a delicate yet refreshing after taste. LOL just saying it is making me hungry.

Haru said...

hi Beauty Runway,
Thank you!

hi Eileen,
Thanks so much for the support and the thoughtful, sweet message, I really appreciate it :-) Yeah, I know I can be my own worst critic. I read many beauty blogs and wish I could take much more professional photos.

hey shopaholic,
thanks, hope you find some green eyeshadows that you love!

hey Kathi,
Thanks, you're too kind! I was really cringing, and thinking ugh, that doesn't look good! What was I thinking?! But live and learn :-)

thanks for the suggestion about Indian sweets!

cewek said...

Very sophisticated! Great work on the EOTD :)

Vonvon said...

Hi Haru,

The smoky green is really gorgeous. I think it's suitable for day wear too.

I practice the same way of taking my photos too. Snap, snap, snap until I get some good shots. So, for every photo I posted, there are more which are in storage. ;)

Tracy said...

nice blending!

Anonymous said...

Your makeup style is the same as mine. I do not believe in getting too many things up on thy face and that beside colouring (lipstick, blusher, eyeshadow)and touching up (powder, mascara,etc), it also test one's makeup skills to look fabulous but at the same time, been just as efficient that we could make use of the makeup to the very best limit and time. Way to go girl, girl power! Haha, ok i am exaggerating here alittle but i do like and agree with what you said and seriously, i really like what i've seen so far. There are just too many barbie doll out there, that been simplicity and content with what God gave us, is just a bless. Thank you for showing the natural way - C.

engeng said...

Haru, we should be the ones thanking you instead, for all the reviews and updates that you have put up. Thanks!! :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I didn't notice anything wrong with your previous EOTDs. Just that a full face pic like what you do right now is great because then I can grasp the overall feel of the look with the eye makeup. :)

Thanks for posting your FOTDs. :D

milktea said...

Really love your EOTD with green! I like green on the eyes too but locally you tend to see mostly browns, neutrals and beiges on eyes. You've given me new ideas for my own EOTDs! :-)

Anonymous said...

well, i never quite trust beauty bloggers who do the whole colored contact lens, fake eyelashes, perfect hair etc etc thing... sure they look great, but i don't think most people with a real job can realistically achieve that everyday; personally i'm totally beat after a day at work; the only person i know who puts in more effort than the average woman and who is also in a real job is an esthetic doctor, even then, it's her job! -stella

Michelle said...

Hi Iris! At the risk of sounding like a craze groupie, I want to let you know that I have loved your blog since day 1 and there is absolutely no need to apologise for anything! Your beauty blog is awesome, I love the content and above all, your straight talking no BS style :) Enjoy the rest of your time with your DH in New Delhi!

leechie said...

guess what?rem tt i was asking u abt the lancome GD40 unique green color?leechie finally managed to get hold of one today!keke...v.pretty...thx for the recommendation...btw, u look v.nice in green eyeshadows =)

saw the other comments here...sorry to say offence meant...but leechie still prefers to doll up like a doll...i also spent abt 15mins doing my makeup every i tend to keep it simple...but i always see alot of gals with all the dolly makeup, esp today, i was shopping along bugis street...n so many of the SAs there were dolled up like dolls...n tt is despite the heat n humidity air-con ler o.O" *respect those gals* lol ;p

Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong looking like a doll. and it takes people of certain looks to carry it off. from the way some of the comments are made here, they seem to insinuate that girls who look like dolls are not trustworthy, which is a sweeping and unfair statement. not everyone can be a doll, not everyone has what it takes to be one. respect those who have and can look like a doll. to each her own. no need to condemn dolls, even if you didn't mean to, but it does sound like it.

Anonymous said...

"i don't think most people with a real job can realistically achieve that everyday."

excuse me, i have a real job in the office too and i have the time to look like a doll. it's just whether you want to or not. like the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

Anonymous said...

This is good enough for me. I am very clumsy applying makeup even after years of using them. You are doing a good job. Keep it up!

leechie said...

but the prob is...som ppl dont take me seriously cos i look dolly n younger than my age...haiz -.-"

what's wrong with wanting to look dolly? o.O"

n haru, i really thx u for ur beauty the v.least, it's in offence to anybody, but reading too muchie chinese stuff can kill a leechie -.-"