Wednesday 7 July 2010

RMK 2010 Brown Eyes

RMK's fall 2010 collection will be released on 20 August in Japan. There will be four Brown Eyes palettes, each including a white shade to be used as the base colour.

A: Ingenious Waterproof Eyeliner 01 2625yen
B: Eyebrow Mascara N 03 (brown gold) 2625yen
C: Brown Eyes 04 (yellow brown) 4725yen
D: Brown Eyes 02 (dark brown)
E: Brown Eyes 03 (red brown)
F: Brown Eyes 01 (deep brown)
G: Ingenious Powder Cheeks EX04, 4200yen
H: Nail Colour EX P-20 (cherry pink) 1575yen
I: Nail Colour EX P-21 (purple rose)
J: Irresistible Lips B26 (pearl pink) 3150yen
K: Irresistible Lip B27 (pearl beige)

Pic from Anecan.

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