Saturday, 24 July 2010

Laneige Fall 2010 Mystic Veil

Nothing from Laneige has caught my eye lately but just posted these pics of the upcoming fall collection, Mystic Veil, which will be launched in August and September in Asia.

The product packaging for this collection features artwork by a Danish artist, Wendy Plovmand, who has done work for Prada and Marc Jacobs. You can check out Plovmand's blog here for more pics of the collection.

The cover of the Mystic Veil Eye Palette features the gorgeous illustration above but the eyeshadows inside look so blah in comparison!

Mystic Veil Foundation SPF33 PA++

Mystic Veil Blusher

Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick


Anonymous said...

love love love the packaging, scandinavian design rocks -stella

Anonymous said...

oooh.. i saw this at city hall they had a makeup artist to show how to use it yesterday but you have to pay to see it..not sure how much.

galpal.hi said...

The packaging is really pretty. Too bad the colors in the palette weren't a little bit more striking.


The Misery Chick said...

I was at the makeover event at City Hall for this yesterday.

The packaging is gorgeous but the items themselves are so-so. There was one fantastically bright fuschia lipstick but the texture is not so great.

And yes, the eyeshadow palette is blah. :P

I ended up restocking my skincare items. :)

Ling said...

Hi Haru,
Thanks. i tried Laneige snow dual foundation before but found the shade to be too dark even it's at second lightest so good to know too :)

Haru dear, by the way, can you share what sunscreen you use too? very important to fight against the glaring singapore sun hehe

Haru said...

hi Ling,
Currently, I'm using RMK Sun Protector N SPF31. Most of my foundations also have SPF. I don't apply sunscreen on my body daily as I'm usually indoors for most of the day. For the body, I like Neutrogena Dri-touch.

makeupmag said...

The casing is exquisite but the contents are a little uninspiring (looks like one of the MAC MES trios). I would have expected more sparkle!

miwitch said...

The lipstick colour looks great! So nudey!