Wednesday 7 July 2010

Magie Deco Fall 2010

Magie Deco will release its fall collection on 21 August in Japan. The collection is inspired by moonlight and the night sky. It also introduces a new line of jelly eye colours known as Gem Drops.

A: Nail Color SP064 1890yen
B: Compact Powder 02 5775yen
C: Shadow Brilliance II DC037 5775yen
D: Shadow Brilliance II DC036 5775yen
E: Shadow Brilliance II LC038 5775yen
F: Crayon Eyeliner BK001 2625yen
G: Mascara Base 2625yen
H: Lipstick PK867 3360yen
I: Gem Drop GD091 2310yen
J: Gem Drop BL 2310yen

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