Thursday 15 July 2010

Topshop Makeup

I went to check out the new Topshop makeup line today at Ion Orchard. The line is very affordably priced with prices starting from S$9 for the eye kohls and lip balms to S$23 for the Skin Tint and Skin Glow. The makeup line just launched in Singapore last week and is exclusively available at the store in Ion Orchard.

To be honest, I didn't like the dots and striped packaging when pics of the line first surfaced online. After seeing it in person, I am still not a fan of the packaging as the dots and stripes look like childish scrawls. The testers were quite badly picked over so I only swatched a few items like the metallic eyeliners, which were quite pretty. The eyeshadow trio was quite sheer though.

The Cream Blushes sold out very quickly last week and still had not been restocked yet. But you can leave your name and telephone number for the store to contact you once they come in.

Here are some pics from the brochure.


AtelierGal said...

I have not check out the range yet, and slipped my mind totally when I was in town last week.

It's disappointing that the Sunbeam highlighter wasn't brought in. It's completely sold out almost everywhere else, even on its website =(

You didn't get anything?

Haru said...

Hey AtelierGal,
I didn't buy anything. Was briefly tempted by the silvery metallic eyeliner pencil but decided to be 'good'.

Anonymous said...

hi Haru, i just discovered yr blog today! I
t's full of interesting posts! :) anyway, i went to check out the topshop makeup today and there's hardly any lip make up left! :( was looking forward to checking out the lipsticks and lip glaze! :(

Anonymous said...

The cream blusher stock was in when i went to topshop today. its very nice. got one.