Friday 2 July 2010

Lunasol Aurora Purification

Here's a sneak peek from 2 Channel of the ad visual for the upcoming Lunasol fall makeup collection, Aurora Purification, due out on 20 August in Japan. You can also check out real life pics on this Japanese blog.

Below are the product images of the Aurora Eyes palettes from the Kanebo website. The palettes are likely to be much prettier in real life as the eyeshadows are supposed to be glowy. I'm delighted that Lunasol has decided to put five shades in each palette instead of the usual four, which makes the high price of these palettes much easier to justify (S$77 in Singapore; 5250yen in Japan).

#1 Nuance Variation

#2 Light Variation

#3 Gentle Variation

#4 Soft Variation

#5 Contrast Variation


Hannah said...

I'm SO waiting for this collection to be released here!

#3 looks interesting... Thanks for the preview, Haru!

leechie said...

the light variation n the v.last contrast variation look nice...would it b similar to the noble eyes range? o.O

Haru said...

You're welcome, Hannah :-)

My guess is that the Aurora Eyes will be more shimmery and glowy compared to the Noble Eyes.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these palettes will sold out in a flash when they are release in Singapore despite the higher price points.