Friday 23 July 2010

Love Clover Fall 2010

Love Clover will release Petal Nectar Gloss (882yen) on 6 August in Japan. Available in eight shades, this is formulated with seven types of flower extracts and treatment ingredients to keep lips moisturised.

There will also be a new Marshmallow Fit Moist Essence Cream Foundation SPF25 PA++ (2415yen), Marshmallow Fit Airy Powder Foundation SPF28 PA++ (3150yen) and Vanish Lipstick (1470yen, 2 shades). Both foundations will be available in 5 shades.

Pics from Biteki and Voce.

1 comment:

Lenna. said...

i would love to get my hands on Petal Nectar Gloss, but sadly, they dont sell it at all in canada :S