Sunday 11 July 2010

Cath Kidston Bags and More

As mentioned earlier, my mom decided to visit the Cath Kidston store near Windsor Castle so I gave her a list. Cath Kidston is apparently very popular in the UK right now as my mom saw many ladies carrying Cath Kidston bags during her stay there. The store was also packed to the brim with Japanese tourists, who were all hauling several bags each. That's not surprising considering that the Cath Kidston bags in Japan cost more than double the prices in the UK.

My mom helped me pick up the Briar Rose Carry All Bag which was on sale for £18, down from £25. She also got the smaller Box Bag for a friend. The Box Bag was £15 (down from £20), which is about S$31. The Box Bag retails for 5040yen (about S$79) in Japan.

Both the Carry All Bag and the Box Bag have a flap pocket on the inside.

My mom selected this Spray Flowers Pleated Handbag on her own for me but the print, or rather the colour combination is not really to my taste as I think it looks kind of grandmotherly! The material is mainly Teflon-coated cotton with leather trimmings.

The interior has a zip side pocket and on the opposite side, a small slot pocket that can fit a handphone.

Regal Rose Book Bag, which was on sale for £14, down from £18.

The inner flap pocket.

Also asked my mom to pick up some handkerchieves, which were £6 each.

And finally the Provence Rose Ticket Holder (£5).

Several readers have left comments on my earlier post pointing out that the Cath Kidston bags sold in local shops are most likely to be fakes. I've included several photos in this post for anyone interested in seeing how the genuine bags look like.


eunice said...

hi iris,
would u be interested in selling me the pleated handbag which u don't fancy? i'd love to purchase it from u if u wish to give it up. thanks..

Haru said...

No, sorry it's a present from my mom so I would not sell it. Plus she likes it, and will probably use it too.

saltvinegar said...

Lovely stuff! Dang i wish i had bought some Cath Kidston stuff while i was in Taiwan. Seeing ur blog really confirms it.. classyurbangirl was conned. The shop should be sued!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of her. Since Takashimaya brought in Cath Kidston bodycare products, they can always consider bringing in the bags also. However,very likely, the prices will be marked up pretty high in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

lovely haul! your cath kidston post made me check out the website and i think i'll get some household items!

Anonymous said...

hi Iris...I ordered directly from Cath Kidston website recently. I used vPost so that shipping won't kill. I bought the Briar Rose box bag too and seeing yours, i can't wait to get mine.

I love the hankies your mom got you...they're lovely!!! :)

Xuan-er said...

the bags are really pretty.
though the darker bag looks a bit old but then the design is really nice =)

Anonymous said...

The logo on the bag is a dead giveaway. Those bought by classyurbangirl are fakes!!!!

eunice said...

hi iris, apologies for my previous request that was uncalled for. i was just too excited.. your hauls r lovely. btw i placed an online order last night, lookin forward to receivin :) thanks for introducing this brand to your readers

Haru said...

hey eunice,
no need to apologise! Hope you get your order soon!

hey prisc,
The handkerchieves are pretty to look at but I find the material to be a bit stiff and not as soft as I prefer them to be. Hope you get your Briar Rose bag soon!

Unknown said...

woooh lovely hauls!!! how i wish they actually bring them in SG. :)

Anonymous said...

I just came back from BKK, on the 5th floor of Platinum mall selling alot of fake Cath kidston bags,so i guess those selling in Singapore probably came from BKK, haha..

Elaine said...

i live nearby eastpoint mall, the store where haru said has spotting on Cath bag. the owner happened to my mum mahjong friend! LOL so of course it's easier for me to ask causally on the bag and i was also direct in asking if it's real (of course, jokingly!)...but she said it's real? i mean i know this aunt very well too, if fake she can just fake right and ask me not to spread? one to believe maybe. but how can we protect our ourselves by discerning the difference fake or real one? nars blush also has fake and that's easy to tell because we know how the real ones look like. but how about cath bag?

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

I got my CK bags today!!! :) From placing my order till delivery (by vPost), it took around 2 weeks...which isn't that bad.

I also checked out Tatty Marsh today. The owner really has a huge collection of CK stuff on sale & the prices are indeed very reasonable. Her stuff are 100% authentic as she goes to UK personally to purchase them before shipping them to SG in a container.

I'll be blogging about my CK haul (online & in store) later tonight. Check out my blog if you're interested. (

Btw, it's such a shame that the hankies aren't softer.

Haru said...

hi Elaine,
For Cath Kidston bags, the most reliable way is probably to check the Cath Kidston UK website and take note of the design features, the logo, trimmings etc.

hi prisc,
Two weeks is quite good! Will check out your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

hi haru,
are the handles for the pleated handbag and carry all bag long enough to be carried on the shoulder? thank you!

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK so I guess I take Cath Kidston for granted, I didn't know about her stuff until a few months ago and now I'm addicted to the quirkier things though like sleeping bags and the mugs and the lovely bluebell handcream. I'm jealous of you though you get to shop for all the JP and Kr brands at your leisure.

Anonymous said...

where exactly in taka are the cath body pdts located?

Haru said...

hey hopelessness247,
Lucky you to have such easy access to Cath Kidston :-) I guess every country has its perks and drawbacks. Ladies in Singapore are always wishing for brands that are not available here like Jill Stuart.

Yup, all my three Cath Kidston bags can be carried on the shoulder.

Haru said...

Cath Kidston bodycare products are at Level B1 of Taka, opposite the bedding section.

Anonymous said...

Ms Cynthia Rowley has replied my enquiry. She cannot guarantee the authenticity of those CK items sold in Singapore. I guess it's best to order from their website.

Full ViewRE: Singapore
From: Chelsea Rowley Add to Contacts


Dear Customer,

Thankyou for your email. We do not currently have any stores in Singapore. If the product is bought anywhere else other than with Cath Kidston we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the items. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you would like to place an order please call us on the number below and one of our advisors will be more than happy to assist you.

Have a lovely day.



Unit 1 Cardinal west Cardinal way Godmanchester Huntingdon PE29 2XN

Tel: + 44 (0)1480431415/ 08450262440

Fax: + 44 (0)1480 417940

Anonymous said...

looks i'm way late to catch on the love for cath kidston. i was googling around for information when i saw this post of yours.
i really love the box bag that you have and i'm considering asking a friend in UK to help me purchase one there.
can i just ask, can the box bag be carried on the shoulder comfortably? will it be really tight... like practically stuck under your arm type that makes movement really constricted?

Anonymous said...

I love cath Kidston!!!