Saturday, 10 July 2010

J.Co Donuts!

What better way to end off the an absolutely killer work week than to indulge in some yummy sugary goodness? I dropped by Raffles City to check out the MAC In The Groove collection today (total pass!) and came away instead with a dozen J.Co donuts :-)

World Cup-themed donuts, anyone? These are filled with an Oreo cream that's just heavenly.

The one below is cappucino-flavoured.

Black forest.

This one is covered in Oreo crumbs, one of my favourites!

Had these for teatime with my colleagues and then for a late night dinner at home :-)


Elana said...

Omg they look SOOOO yummy! Oreo flavored anything is a must have with me! Man...donuts in the U.S don't even come close..v.v

mariko said...

I love all your beauty posts, of course, but I really enjoyed this donut one, too! They look delicious.

leechie said...

really look like footballs manz o.O"

galpal.hi said...

The soccer ball donuts are so cute! I definitely wouldn't eat them as I am not a donut person but I would buy it just because it's cute. LOL!


Tiffany said...

J.Co Donuts, yummy!
Haru, didn't get any items from MAC In the Groove Haul? is it because it's too dark?

thanks :)

Haru said...

hi Tiffany,
I already have the MSFs in this collection except Stereo Rose (which was already sold out, and anyway it looked quite unexceptional when I swatched it). I didn't like the muted texture of the eyeshadow trios as I prefer a more pigmented metallic shimmery finish for mineral eyeshadows. The lipsticks and lipglosses were also not that unique so I was happy to pass on the whole collection.