Thursday 15 July 2010

Paul & Joe Sale Haul @ Isetan Scotts

Stopped by Isetan Scotts at noon today to check out the 10% storewide sale. On Level 3, there is a prestige fragrance sale of up to 80%. To my surprise, Paul & Joe was also on sale there. The selection was quite extensive with prices between S$3 (for the foundation sponge) to S$37 (powder foundation with case). The sale just started today and will last for one week. It's a great opportunity to buy recently discontinued Paul & Joe products without having to brave the madness at the warehouse sales at Jalan Kilang!

The Light Cream Foundation costs $32 while the Blotting Paper (2009) costs S$11. Also spotted the Stick Concealer at $19.50 and lipglosses at $11. There were also the lipliner and eyeliner duos.

There were plenty of stocks for the Dual Powder Foundation UV (which has been discontinued) with all shades available from 00 to 50. The foundation with the case costs S$37 (usual price S$67). There are also some refills for S$21. There was no loose or pressed face powders or any of the recent limited edition products.

The Face Colours were S$16. They also had the recently discontinued eyeshadow singles. The nailpolishes were around S$9.

There were many fragrance brands on sale such as Gap, Banana Republic, Moschino, Paris Hilton and Mango. The selection is very similar to what you would find at the Prestige warehouse sales at Jalan Kilang.

Here's what I came home with :-) As I had the Isetan member's card, I got a 10% discount. The 10% discount is only for today and tomorrow.

I like the orange flower-scented Moisturising Mist ($16; usual price S$30). I also got the Cleansing Milk (S$23; usual price S$44) for my mother as she loves it. The Cleansing Milk has a lovely orange flower scent as well.

Nail Color #16 The Vert Glace was S$9.80 (usual price S$22).

The Lip Crayons were also discontinued recently. I picked up #5 Jus D'Airelles and #2 Saphir Orange.

The Paul & Joe counter on the first floor also has the Alice in Wonderland sets back in stock, for anyone who missed out on those. The Fall 2010 collection with the cat head lipsticks will be launched on 27 August with a makeup event.


Unknown said...

Iris..... I am soo envious of you right now.

Such a great deal for Paul & Joe items. You have good taste ^.^

Enjoy =)


Anonymous said...

anywhere to buy zoya nail polisshes?

Haru said...

You can check this thread on Cozycot for info:

eliza said...

hi.. can I just check with you, do they have lipstick at the sale? if yes, how much? thanks so much :) really appreciate it

Haru said...

There are lipsticks but quite limited number of shades. I didn't ask about the price but should be S$20 or slightly less. The usual price is over S$30.

Anonymous said...

Hi, are there any eye gloss colour number 2? Btw, u are doing really good job w your blog. U are juz so amazing... I don't see any other blogger could have such frequent & most updated beauty info loaded to their blog but U could. I'm addicted to your blog:)

Sun from Singapore

siglet said...

Hi Haru~
Just a quick question- I have the cleansing milk too, but it leaves an oily film on my face.. am I doing something wrong or is it meant to be like that? Many thanks :)

Haru said...

hi Sun,
Thanks for the compliment! I don't remember seeing any eye glosses at the sale. They had some eye crayons though.

hi siglet,
Did you try rinsing it off with water? That may help reduce the oily feeling. I think for ladies with dry skin, it's sufficient to just wipe off the cleansing milk with a cotton pad but if you have normal to oily skin, then perhaps it's better to rinse with water.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, allow me a random noob question. You had previously mentioned about switching to Cleansing Express after using up Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil as Cleansing Express is not oil-based. As I am deciding between investing in Shu Uemura or just get Cleansing Express, could you advise why oil-base is not good? (I have sensitive to combination oil skin) Thanks!

leechie said...

hihi haru,

any particular good buys tt u would recommend?thx =)

Haru said...

It is often advised that oily acne-prone skin should try to avoid oil in skincare/makeup. I have been using Shu Uemura's cleansing oils for many years and find that they don't break me out but if there is a good alternative makeup remover that is non-oil based (and cheaper!), then I am open to switching. Cleansing Express looks cheaper but a big bottle of Shu Uemura can last 4-6 months depending on how much you use each time, whereas the Cleansing Express will probably finish much faster.

hi leechie,
The prices at the sale are all pretty good deals so it's really a matter of personal preference which of the makeup items you like. No point buying makeup that is cheap but you won't use or doesn't look good on you.

daphne said...

oops and also, if you saw if they had the whitening face and eye masks? tia! x

daphne said...

hi iris, thanks for the heads-up on this. am surprised they are discontinuing the 2-way powder fdn again. didn't they just revamp it from the powder blue cover to this white casing one? strange. (the numbers used to run from 01-16 before the current 10-60, no?)

by any chance, did you notice if the moisturising primers were on sale as well pls?


Jayne said...

hey iris,

the 10% sale is just for isetan card holders?

Anonymous said...

hi, can i know when will the Prestige fragrances sales end?

Haru said...

The last day is Thursday 22 July (until 6pm).

hi Jane,
Yes, the 10% storewide discount is only for Isetan cardholders for today and yesterday.

hi Daphne,
They had the whitening mask but can't remember if it's for the face or eyes. It comes in a small rectangular box. I didn't see the primers. P&J launches new foundations and discontinues previous versions every year, in March/April and August/September, which is why you often see foundations at its sales.

Alyssa said...

hi haru,

did you see any p&j primer or makeup brushes at the sale?? how much?

Pinky said...

Hi Haru
can tell us what's the Moisturising Mist is for? looks interesting. i love their cleansing milk too, the bottle looks pretty in the toilet :)


Haru said...

I didn't see any primers or brushes at the same.

The Moisturising Mist can be used to spray the face when your skin is feeling dry, dehydrated or dull. It's a nice pick-me-up in the middle of the day due to the lovely scent.

siglet said...

hi haru~ me again! I do rinse it off with water but it doesn't seem to emulsify like cleansing oils do! hehe maybe its just like that >< but thank you for replying!!

daphne said...

oh, do they relaunch their fdns every year then? i wonder why japanese brands seem to do this annually? it always freaks me out that i won't be able to find the same colour or formulation again and then i stockpile...-_-

but thanks for replying anyway iris! i do think plenty women here must read your blog. i thought i blazed down pretty quick at lunch yesterday but most of the things were gone already! they only had nailpolishes, fdns, lip crayons (few), eye crayons and only skincare left were a few bottles of moisturising mist. hauled what i could cos' the discounts were good, so thanks again for the heads-up and reply! x

Haru said...

hi Daphne,
In Japan, most brands launch new foundations in March/April (for spring and summer) and August/September for fall/winter. So every you find new foundations being released by Maquillage, Coffret D'Or etc. It's probably to satisfy the consumer demand for always wanting something new and better, like with the limited edition seasonal colour makeup collections.

You can read about P&J's upcoming Fall/Winter base makeup collection here:

Nah, I'm sure it's not just due to my blog alone. Isetan gets pretty good shopping traffic on its own. Plus it is in such a good location!

Anonymous said...

Is Isetan scotts opposite far east plaza? Wanna go down by next week to have a look but don't know if it's in the same direction...

Haru said...

It's the one with Lido cinema, opposite Wheelock Place/Borders. Not the one at Wisma Atria.

Anonymous said...

I know where it is, thanks alot! :)

happyichigo♥ said...


Lois said...

I am addicted to 2 discontinued P&J products. I'm unclear where Isetan Scotts is located - Japan? Is there any possibility of contacting a sales person about the 2 items I'm seeking so I can purchase all they have left in those colors? Or do you have any other suggestions? Thank you!

Haru said...

hi Lois,
This is in Singapore. I'm afraid the department stores/counters here don't do international orders.