Friday 2 July 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin

Urban Decay Primer Potion is one of the most popular eyeshadow primers on MakeupAlley but personally, I was not that fond of the original Primer Potion as I found it a bit drying. I preferred T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base which has a glowy shimmery finish whereas the original Primer Potion has a matte finish. Fortunately, Urban Decay recently released Primer Potion in Sin, which has a shimmery champagne gold finish.

I've been testing out a sample of Sin Primer Potion over the past two days. I actually also own it in the full size but have yet to break it out as I'm still trying to use up my T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base. The sample is quite generous, and looks sufficient for about 4-5 uses.

My eye with only the Sin Primer Potion applied. The consistency is slightly thicker and creamier compared to T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base but it's still super easy to apply. It also dries down quite quickly but without making the eyelid feel dry.

The pic below was taken after applying Lunasol Geminate Eyes 01 Cat's Eyes, Maybelline The Falsies Volum'express mascara and Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. The Primer Potion doesn't affect the colour of the powder eyeshadows applied on top. The powder eyeshadows applied very smoothly and true to how they looked in the pan.

The two pics below were taken after more than seven hours of wear. The eyeshadows appear less intense in these pics but that's because the photos were taken in the evening under less light.

The Sin Primer Potion truly impressed me as there was absolutely zero creasing, fading or smudging, including at the inner corners of the eyes where eyeshadow is usually most prone to creasing. The eyeshadow looked pretty much the same as when it was newly applied. Primer Potion retails for S$32 at Sephora in Singapore and it is available in 3 shades (original, Sin and Eden). The only negative about it is the packaging which leaves a lot of product 'trapped' inside the tube that you can access only if you slice open the tube. Otherwise, it's an excellent eyeshadow primer that I highly recommend. The price is quite reasonable as one tube should last at least four months, provided that you are able to get every last drop out of the tube!

The overall look, using Dior Compact Control X4 Powder Foundation over RMK Face Protector N SPF31, K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24hr 01 and NARS Babe Lip Gloss.


HarumiPq said...

Haru san so it is really not as drying as the original? The original had so many raves tt before it was available in Sg I bought it in Taiwan last year. But end up being disappointed on the as it was really drying for my eyes. My eyelid practically flaked skin after some time. Any other good primers to recommend? =)

Haru said...

I've only used Sin twice but so far, I have not experienced any drying effect on my eyelids. If you have access to an Urban Decay counter, perhaps you can test it out in person to see if you like it? As for other primers, NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is also good but it dries down to the same matte finish as Urban Decay Primer Potion (original) so I'm not sure if it will cause your eyelid to flake as well.

Lauren said...

I really like the look you did w/this one :D I've always had my eye on the primer potion, but the price is just killer to me!

HarumiPq said...

sure I will thanks!! =)

jac said...

Too Faced Insurance is pretty good :)

leechie said...

i bot both sin n original...used sin a few times...havent open up my original version yet...thot tt it's rather exp...hope tt it doesnt dry up when i dont use it...cos currently using stage eye primer which is of ordering kevin lao shi's beautymaker eye primer now o.O

Anonymous said...

love your lipgloss!

Anonymous said...

Sephora sg is having promo ..for the 16ml eyeshadow primer potion XL at $40 instead of the usual price 51. wherelse the 10ml is at normal price selling at $32.The promo is worth to get the XL..