Saturday, 17 July 2010

Paul & Joe Nail Color #16 The Vert Glace

Tried out the Paul & Joe Nail Color #16 The Vert Glace that I picked up at the sale at Isetan Scotts earlier this week. This is part of the earlier nail polish range that has since been discontinued and replaced by the Nail Enamel range.

It is a silvery light metallic olive with tiny silver glitter. The nail polish tends to separate a little in the bottle but this is easily fixed by just shaking the bottle. It applies smoothly without any lumpiness or clumping.

It applies quite sheer on the first coat and needs at least two to three coats for a nice opacity. I only took pics with my index finger because the rest of my nails are in too terrible a shape to show on the blog. When I'm stressed at work, I have a horrible habit of biting my nails. And the last time I showed my nails, some idiot left a comment asking me to stop smoking! FYI, I'm not a smoker.

I liked the Vert Glace very much as it reflects the light very nicely and has a luminous metallic glint. It's also not so pale that it washes out against my skintone.


Nail Accessories said...

I am using Paul & Joe nail colors since from long time and I can say it is worth to buy its nail colors. I like the shine of its colors and there are so many different colors available in it.
Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

This is very nice! Thanks for sharing!

AhCapp said...

Oh Iris,

I thought it's really funny that someone think you are a smoker. ;)

I think I have this P&J nail colour hidding somewhere in my piles of MU. hahahaha Don't bite your nails ok. =) I know 2 french men at work. 1 likes to bite his nails, the other likes to bite his pens. I will never borrow pens from the 2nd man. ;P

Haru said...

hi AhCapp,
I'm using the nail polish to prevent myself from chewing on my nails :-) I spent 20 minutes looking for my new bottle of P&J nail base coat today... and still can't find it, argh!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's great :)
Maybe I should put P&J nail enamels to my shopping list this month :D
I didn't know their nail enamel quality is that good before.
Thank you for sharing us this one.

eri said...

This color looks really pretty! I started wearing nail polish to prevent myself from biting my nails, too. ;)

Cris said...

I love Paul and Joe nail colors and this is no expection!

I included your post in " favourite beauty reads (11-18.07.2010"

Unknown said...

I`m sorry but I have to say this.....when I check your blog, almost each day. I just many fantastic brands and pictures. I love Anna Sui! It was a pain to get, but I received my 3 polishes 2 months ago and defo gonna search for more. Next brand for me will be some Paul & Joe colors, so I'll browse your blog a little more for right colors :)

Haru said...

hi Marte,
Thanks for reading! It's a pity that Anna Sui is not more widely available as it does have such lovely products, especially their accessories like the brush holders which are widely copied.

hi BondGirl,
Thank you!

Jess said...

I love this shade!