Thursday, 8 July 2010

Anecan x Ebihara Yuri

Picked up the new August issue of Anecan (S$19.30) at Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City). The cover features former Maquillage spokesmodel Ebihara Yuri (popularly known as "Ebi-chan") on the cover. The magazine comes with a hardcover 56-page photobook featuring Ebichan, who just got married in a small town in France in June to Japanese hip hip group RIP Slyme's Ilmari.

The gorgeously designed photobook was shot in Paris in April. As expected, Ebichan looks simply ravishing!


Anonymous said...

awww so lovely can't wait for my copy to arrive!
I also ordered the last issue from July it features a Special Ebi-chan Wedding book :)

Sophia said...

What a cool magazine!! Really wish we could get something like that in the States. Does it say anything about summer makeup? I'm curious if our trends are the same as yours. Our top five summer makeup trends are here. Let me know what yours are! :)

Ling said...

Hi Rouge

Way back those times when i'm still reading Cancam, i knew about Ebihara Yuri and another famous testimo and shiseido model called Yu yamada .

my younger brother always said he wanna marry a jap lady since young but now he has settled down to a malaysian lady LOL

These well maintained models still look so gorgeous and ravishing over these years without signs of aging. do you happen to know what makeup or skincare they use ? not sure if they really used what they endorse, it gets ambiguous for paid endorsement. so, usually i discount off the products they used to certain extent. really curious of japanese beauty secrets LOL or maybe it's just their heritage.

I read before ebi used Origins make a difference papaya scrubs :) that's from a cancam insert 2 years back though :P

Unknown said...

i am so gg to get this. im a big biG BIG fan of ebi-chan! she is soooooo gorgeous! thanks!
by the way just wanna say i really enjoy your blog. it's really informative and interesting. keep up the good work! love ya! xoxo

Anonymous said...

maquillage no longer uses her as model?
phrased out alreayd?

Haru said...

Maquillage's current spokesmodel is ICONIQ. I'm not sure if they will use Ebichan in future ad campaigns but for now, Ebichan is not featured on the Maquillage website at all.

hi miss sugarbunny,
Thanks for the sweet comment! :-)

hi Ling,
I don't know what skincare Ebichan uses. The beauty magazines often feature what the Japanese models use in their daily skincare routine but usually the brands are quite esoteric and hard to get hold of unless you live in Japan.

hi Sophia,
The magazine doesn't really say what are the trends for summer. But quite a number of brands featured the usual bronzes and sea blues (e.g. Lunasol, Cosme Decorte, RMK).

hey puranki,
This book from the August issue is very nicely done, and a great momento if you are an Ebichan fan. I don't know what the one from the July issue looks like, as the July magazine cover didn't say that there is a separate photobook so it could well just be an article inside the magazine.

Ling said...

Hi Rouge
Thanks. that's true, a lot of featured daily used brand by these Japanese models are esoteric and mostly are in house Japanese brand that's probably not exported to other countries. So far, I think they use Habo skincare, Mac, Nars, RMK makeup from my observation. if you know of any and has picture (that will be great!), please let us know. thanks very much

PS: just for the curious seek and maybe we can find some good stuff for our benefits too :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw your post & went to Kino hoping to buy the magazine/photobook but it's sold out! :( I was wondering if you might want to sell it? :)

Haru said...

Hi, I'm not interested in selling. Kino should be bringing in more copies in the sea shipment, you can check with them on the details.

Nobi said...

hi haru
regarding the ebi wedding photo book, do they feature what styling, makeup tools they use? :) thanks!

or in this anecan issue, do they have any special feature on makeup not just lifestyle? because i am more interested in makeup and such but this issue seems too good to pass..thanks!! please let me know

Haru said...

hi Nobi,
For the ebi wedding book, it's basically mainly photos of Ebichan taken in Paris in April and also on the wedding day (but no shots of her and the groom). They didn't feature any of the makeup or styling tools.

As for the magazine, it does have some makeup features but the bulk of the magazine is on fashion.