Thursday 8 July 2010

Lunasol Fall 2010 Base Makeup and Skincare

Lunasol will release its Fall 2010 base makeup and skincare collection on 10 September in Japan. It includes:

1. Water Cream Foundation N SPF19 PA++: Contains more than 60% water for a light cream texture and moisturised glowy finish. Available in 6 shades. (5250yen)

2. Tone Up Makeup Base SPF19 and PA++: Makeup base that brightens up skin by one tone. (3675yen)

3. Skin Contrast Face Powder: 2 shades (4200yen for refill, 1575yen for case)

Lunasol will also revamp its skincare line and introduce a Fast Skin Adjuster (3675yen, 80ml), Moist Conditioner (4200yen, 200ml), Balancing Milk in OC and SO (4200yen, 125ml) and Wrapping Skin Repair (5250yen, 40g).

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