Saturday, 24 July 2010

Voce September 2010

In addition to Biteki and Maquia, I also purchased the September issue of Voce (S$15.50) as I have been collecting Voce's seasonal makeup catalogues for the past few years. The issue's main focus is on lashes with features on false eyelashes, mascaras etc but these are not easily comprehensible unless you can read Japanese. The cover model is Sawajiri Erika who used to be a spokesmodel for Coffret D'Or back when Coffret D'Or was first launched. You can view a video clip of the cover photo shoot on Voce's website.

Of the three beauty magazines, Voce's fall collections catalogue is the most comprehensive as it covers 69 brands compared to Biteki which covers 57 brands and Maquia which covers 43 brands. Maquia's catalogue is only 20 pages, whereas Biteki is 56 pages and Voce is 36 pages. It bugs me a little that Voce changes the size of its catalogues every time.

In the pic below, Voce is on the top left, Maquia is on the bottom left and Biteki is on the right side. Of the three catalogues, I would say Biteki is the most well-designed and my favourite of the lot. Since Biteki also comes with three sachets of RoC ternel White Intensive Whitening Cream, it is probably the most worthwhile to get out of the three.

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AhCapp said...

Oh Iris! I agreed with you about Voce catalogue changes its size all the time. I like the previous tall slim size which makes keeping easy. :) Voce has a Chinese version now so I will get that issue too, just for the sake of Chinese translation! Hahaha