Saturday 31 July 2010

House of Tokidoki

Butter Factory (which is a club in Singapore) has just unveiled its new Bump Room with Tokidoki characters! The "House of Tokidoki" was designed by Simone Legno to be an interpretation of Bump as a home for Tokidoki’s characters like Adios and Astronauta Girl, complete with areas reminiscent of a typical cosy house such as a swimming pool, living room and fireplace.


. : * justine * : . said...

So cute!! Although the flashback at the beginning has me missing the Tokidoki x LSS collaboration even more... XD'

Are you picking up the new Tokidoki eye brushes at Sephora? They look so cute, but my store hasn't got them in yet, and I want to see how soft they are before I buy them...

Haru said...

hey Justine,
I'll probably get the brushes at some point in time but am not really in a rush to get them as I find myself using pretty much the same two or three brushes on a daily basis.