Wednesday, 29 September 2010

25ans x Christian Louboutin & More x Paul & Joe Sister

The November issue of 25ans comes with a Christian Louboutin shoe bag. The magazine is extremely pricey at S$27.50.

The "Charity Shoes bag" measures 31x30x9cm and can fit the magazine. It is a very thin satin material made of polyester.

This is a special collaboration in anticipation of the opening of a new Christian Louboutin store in Ginza, Tokyo, in end-October, which is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Part of the proceeds from the sales of this issue will go to a Japanese cancer foundation.

The bag features illustrations by Louboutin, including a self-caricature. The fuschia pumps are from the fall 2010 collection and retail in Japan for 153,300yen.

The November issue of More (S$19.30) comes with a Paul & Joe Sister tote bag set.

The bags are made of polyester with a PVC coating. The print is cute but the quality is not fantastic. The quality is quite typical of the bags that are usually included with Japanese magazines.

The large tote bag has a decent thickness but the small zip pouch feels thinner and a tad flimsy, especially the thin strap.

There is no inner lining and the edges are a bit unevenly cut.

The next issue of More, which is the 400th issue, will come with a 31 Sons de Mode tote bag measuring 27.5x45x12cm.

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Beauty Box said...

I was thinking of getting the Kate Spade book cover for my diary but wasn't sure of the size. It would seem I'll have to find a notebook that would fit the cover! But the quality does look very good in your pictures. I think I might get it after all.