Friday, 10 September 2010

RMK Face Powder EX

RMK has just released Face Powder EX (4725yen) in Japan. The loose powder will be available in 4 shades and is supposed to meld into skin for a very natural finish.

It contains "snow leaf powder" for improving skin translucency and "micro beads powder" for absorbing excess sebum. The springy sheet with narrow slits overlaying the powder looks identical to that of Anna Sui's Loose Compact Powder UV. RMK actually belongs to the Kanebo group of companies, while Anna Sui is made by Kose under the Albion group.

RMK will launch a new Concentrate Cream (7560yen, 30g) on 1 October. The cassis-scented cream not only helps to firm and moisturise, it also suppresses melanin, improves blood circulation and the barrier function of skin.


Anonymous said...

hi haru, do u know if this loose powder is an additional production or replacing their current loose powder? thanks --stella

Haru said...

hi Stella,
The Loose Powder EX has replaced the previous loose powder (Face Powder N). If you look at the RMK website, Face Powder N is no longer listed and Loose Powder EX is the only loose powder shown.