Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Maquillage Powder Celebration

AneCan magazine featured the upcoming Maquillage Powder Celebration set in its latest issue. As mentioned earlier, this is to commemorate Maquillage's 5th anniversary and will be released on 21 November in Japan. No word yet if it will be available in Singapore but given that it costs 12,600yen, I'd be really surprised if Shiseido decides to bring it in.

The Extra Beauty Powder SPF14 PA++ (32g) is a gorgeous glass case containing 7 shades of loose powder that can be used either individually as eye/cheek/highlight colours or blended to meet your specific skin concerns. The powder is talc-based. It comes with a brush and a spatula.

The Extra Beauty Compact (4g) is a 'lucent beige' face powder blended with the seven shades and contains silica. Both the Extra Beauty Powder and Extra Beauty Compact have a floral scent.

The shades are:
1. White: For illuminating and adding glow

2. Beige: For covering up skin discolourations and for a natural, elegant finish

3. Violet: For correcting skin dullness and adding radiance

4. Green: For covering up skin redness and acne scars

5. Pink: For a healthy glow and to correct skin dullness

6. Orange: For a healthy glow and correct skin dullness

7. Cream Yellow: For covering up skin redness and dullness around the eyes

The centre compartment marked "8" is the blending space for mixing the various shades.

The pink and orange shades can be used as cheek colours while the white, violet, green, pink, orange and cream yellow shades can be used as eyeshadows. The white, violet and green shades have a pearl finish. For using the individual shades as eyeshadows, the recommended way of application is to use a fingertip to press and blend, layering two to three times for greater intensity.


Sabrina said...

sounds quite troublesome to use >_<

Kathi said...

Lol @ Sabrina..yea sounds like a complicated product.
Thank you for taking the time to write down the application tips, Iris! =D
Looks really pretty but I honestly wouldn´t know what to do with that huge powder thing LOL

Beauty Box said...

The container is absolutely precious-looking... The Japanese know how to make things look so girly!

leechie said...

looks pretty ler <3

Anonymous said...

That looks like a huge ripoff. The cute packaging isn't worth it IMO for that price, especially since you're not getting much product.

Yen's closet said...

It's look like candy!

But seem to be nice for display but diff to use :p

Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

This item is really pretty and unique.Thanks for updating us.may prob not get it in spore but it's sure nice to admire the item!

Fiona Star said...

Omg the box looks so gorgeous! Like a rainbow wheel of different coloured powders to choose from.

And it reminds me of those little candy trays that people use to put candy for Chinese New Year. Lol.