Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle Press Event

Earlier today, I attended the Lancome press event at the Arts House for their new Teint Miracle liquid foundation.

I've already written about the innovative features of Teint Miracle here so I won't repeat them here.

Met Shirleen of Women Love Beauty. Her skin was so radiant!

And of course Kas :-)

Deep in thought with Mag...

And Sophia of The Make-up Blogette.

We were all wearing Teint Miracle, which looked good on all the ladies!

I also got to meet makeup artist Larry Yeo again. It's always interesting talking to him as he trained as a biochemist and is deeply knowledgeable about product ingredients and formulations.

Just one more work day left to the long weekend!


Anonymous said...

After reading your earlier post on the new lancome product, I went down to Robinson raffles city to get sample of it. Sad to say, I am totally pissed with the sale staff reaction to my request. I asked for 02 sample and she insisted on giving me a 03 without testing the product on me. She even lied that there was never a 02 color. It was only when I mentioned that I read from blogs that there is 02 color that she finally went to other counter to get the sample for me. And to save on product, she passed the 03 color to my friend who went with me. Will think twice when trying lancome products. What an attitude!

Michelle said...

I LOVE your FOTDs Iris! You are totally rocking the UD palette!

Anonymous said...

Hi, your pal musing of muse blogged about d Shiseido Perfect Complextion Kit... any idea if it is coming to our shores SG?


Autumn said...

Hi Haru

I have an upcoming bloggers even and would like to invite you. Can you kindly provide me your contact?



Haru said...

Sorry to hear about the poor customer service at the RC counter. Most of the Lancome SAs I've encounteres are quite nice, like those at the Taka counter.

Hi Michelle,
Thanks, am having lots of fun playing with it :)

Hi Sun,
I don't know if the kit will be available in singapore, will post on the blog if I get any news.

Hi Debbie,
My email address is izuc77 at

Anonymous said...

Thanks Haru, btw I took leave from work to shop in town... I shall head to lancome at taka now dat u mentioned their SAs r friendly. I do hv my fair share of encounters w some unfriendly SAs around our island.


Ivy Low said...

Oh, also..Diana's friend is coming from the states and we are getting some stuff from the local Sephora stores. Let me know if there's anything you'd want to get? =)

Haru said...

Hey Ivy,
Thanks for the kind offer but I'm alright for now. Still have quite a bit of new makeup products sitting here untested! ;-p