Friday, 10 September 2010

Lunasol Fall 2010 Base Makeup

Lunasol has updated its website with the new Autumn 2010 base makeup collection and skincare line, which debuts today in Japan.

Lunasol's highly popular Water Cream Foundation is renowned for containing 60% water and having a very light texture. The revamped Water Cream Foundation N SPF19 PA++ has the same high 60% water content with a new "water keeping formula" to help keep skin moisturised, and a "half translucent polymer" to provide the perfect balance between providing coverage and maintaining skin translucency. It is available in 6 shades and retails at 5250yen for 30g.

Lunasol has also introduced a new Tone Up Makeup Base SPF19 and PA++ (3675yen) and Skin Contrast Face Powder in 2 shades (4200yen for refill, 1575yen for case)

The new skincare products are the Fast Skin Adjuster (3675yen, 80ml), Moist Conditioner (4200yen, 200ml), Balancing Milk in OC and SO (4200yen, 125ml) and Wrapping Skin Repair (5250yen, 40g).


Anonymous said...

Hi, have u used any lunasol foundation before? The 60% water content sounds desirable. Recently I tried the clarins everlasting spf15 foundation... the colour was good but is a bit drying on my cheek area. I have combination/sensitive skin, open pores on the cheek area. I read that this is blogger Fuzkittie's HG. Btw, checking out both yours and Fuzkittie's blog is my daily ritual:)


Haru said...

hi Sun,
I have tried samples of Lunasol foundations before but haven't purchased any. I can't really recall how the samples performed on my skin, so I'm afraid I can't give you any detailed feedback. There are some reviews on MakeupAlley's Productville

Thanks for reading regularly! I like Fuzkittie's blog too, wish she would blog more frequently.