Sunday, 19 September 2010

Urban Decay Grunge Nail Polish

Finally broke out the Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit that I purchased at Sephora in August. I purchased it at S$25 but it is now selling at S$45 in Sephora (guess the S$25 was a pricing error).

This is Grunge, which is described by Urban Decay as a metallic peacock but when applied, it looks more like an intense inky blue black with a delicate shimmer.

The short brush handle makes it tricky to hold. I also wished that the bristles were a bit wider and covered more of the nail in one stroke. Nevertheless, the formula did apply quite smoothly with two coats being sufficient to achieve a nice opacity.

You can see excellent swatches of the Apocalyptic Nail Kit on


Anonymous said...

No wonder when I check out I was shock to see its actually $45 so sad :( T.T

Unknown said...

this is pretty! <3 looks abit like the Maquillage one tt i have =)

Verlyn said...

yeah i read you blog post and bought the nail polish set at $25 as well ! i was surprised to see that the price "increased" to $45 just few days after the purchase. saved $20 =p

Autumn said...

Hi Haru!

I've left a comment before but didn't receive a reply. I've got an upcoming bloggers event that I'd like to invite you to.

Can I kindly have your email so I can forward you the details?



Anonymous said...

where did u get the floral dress for which u wore during the hip event from?

Haru said...

It's from, the link is in the comments on that post.

Hi Debbie,
My email is izuc77 at