Saturday, 25 September 2010

Voce November 2010

The November issue of Voce features pop star Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover and comes with a RMK hair turban and sample pot of the new Concentrate Cream.

There is also a sample sachet of Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-drain serum. You can read detailed reviews of the serum at Makeup Stash and Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle.

The RMK Concentrate Cream will be released on 1 October in Japan where it will retail for 7560yen for 30g. The sample pot is 3g, so it's a good chance to try out the cream before deciding whether to shell out the big bucks for it. It is formulated with royal jelly, beta carotene, yuzu and several other plant extracts to help moisturise and firm skin.

The magazine also comes with a detachable section on Shu Uemura's Abracadabra Fantasy holiday makeup collection designed by Japanese artist Aya Takano, whose work often features science fiction themes.

The meanings of the various symbols.

Can't wait for this collection to be released in Singapore!


ashura said...

Is RMK less well known for Skincare? Cos I usually find popular makeup brand's skincare disappointing. Like Chanel and Shu Uemura don't work for me (except cleansing oil_ !I didn't even know RMK has skincare... opps!

Haru said...

RMK is definitely more well known for its makeup line rather than its skincare. Its skincare line is known for being based around fruit extracts.